Combine video online

To combine videos online drag and drop files here

It’s incredibly easy to combine videos online with MovieMakerOnline video combiner and we are happy to help you:

There are two ways to combine videos: in series and in parallel way. Accordingly, the solutions are different, but both are very simple.

Combine two videos in series

Combine videos in series means that one clip will be followed by the other one in the final film. Just like scenes in the full-length movie.

It is useful when you have a few clips from the trip or you would like to send greetings to a friend with selected moments of pleasant memories from old clips.

The same method is required if you want to join not only videos, but also photos, animations, and presentations.

This way you may combine two and more videos.

Combine 2 videos in parallel

Combine videos in parallel help you when it need to overlay one clip with another one.

Like "Picture in the Picture" effect on TV or when one clip is set as the main and the second is music dance on the background.

If you apply the translucency, both clips may occupy the same area and get display simultaneously - like a ghost.

Of course, it is possible to combine two or more videos with MovieMakerOnline video combiner without any limitations.

The text, effect, music

You can use this way to simultaneously combine animations, slideshows and presentations, apply text, different effects and free songs.

It depends only in your imagination. Do not limit yourself, be free!