In the previous part of our saga dedicated to the creation of video clips from photos we told about the unforgettable Charlie who discovered the online movie editor and became a famous master of silent pantomime.

Silent movies forged ahead, and the fast and merry tune of tapeurs in cinemas were replaced with the high-quality audio tracks.

That is why we will try not to stay at the beginning of the 20th century with you and make a video from photo with music.

Make a movie from gif with a song

1. Add your own records

Songs are added in the same manner as clips for creating videos by clicking the Upload button on the movie editor’s page.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to add audio files from Apple iPhone and iPad devices, due to Apple’s information protection and anti-piracy campaign.

But you can make a movie on the iPhone/iPad by adding mp3 from your computer or take an advantage of free high-quality song collection.

How to download songs from the internet - it will help if the necessary files are still on the internet rather than on your computer. import Master will add images and music from VK for creating slideshows and animation clips without downloading files beforehand.

2. Add free songs

The online collection Jamendo allows you to create a animation masterpiece from photo with music online and for free absolutely legally.

To find high-quality songs, use the search or pick up the music according to the mood and genre, for example, we made fun collections for short animations and greetings..

Try and you will find your own "Ride of the Valkyries" for "Good morning, Vietnam"!

3. Editing

When photographs and songs are added, you only need to play with video editing properly and avoid triggering a backflash.

There are several tools aimed to make a movie with music easier, like a lesson about animation maker features, an audio editor to cut songs and overlay sound effects, as well as a short note about the right way of adding the songs.

4. Create and publish in YouTube

You spent lots of efforts and trued your best, so it’s the time to share your masterpiece with a wider audience and reap laurels of your success.

Use our masters to publish in social networks and YouTube.