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Where I can download original Microsoft Movie maker
Ready this short article, which help you to download original movie maker.
What is movie maker online?
Our service let's you make your own music clips, photo slideshows, presentations, birthday congratulations online with photos and music.
How to use your movie maker?
Go to main page of our online movie service. Upload, then click make movie and you will get your movie shortly. Simple. Isn't it? :)
What kind of photos I can use in your online movie maker?
Any kind. Jpeg, tiff, png, bmp, gif and other graphical formats. Also you may want upload photos directly from Facebook or from direct link, you can dot it too.
Should I use photos or any other pictures?
You may use all what you want, pictures, photos or draw each frame manually. Enjoy!
How to edit upload pictures or photos?
When image file uploaded, just double click it, then use opened image edit dialog. After edit don't forgot click save button. Or cancel it.
How to upload photos, pictures?
Welcome to movie maker main page, find "Upload button" (big colored button directly on main page) drag&drop files to it or click this button to select files manually with classic upload dialog.
How to upload music?
Select your favorite music. You can use any kind of music format, like mp3, ogg, wav and other. Then drag&drop that file to " Upload button" or click upload button to select music file manually.
How I can edit uploaded music?
You can select part of your music or use entire. It simple, just use colored sliders on music waveform, to select start and end of selected part. Read more here.
How to download clip?
Use your right mouse button. Click with right button on movie link and download shortly.
Is it possible to upload movie created with this service to youtube?
Yes, it is. Our videos ready to share on youtube.