How to add / put music on a video?

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Add music to a video with our video editor is a bit more complicated than very simple. )

  1. Add video, you can several.
  2. Use the same button to add a music, song or use music from the free collection. The added files will appear in the main area of the MovieMakerOnline video editor. Files can be dragged, swapped and edited.
  3. Click the create video button.

Parameters and effects

How to put music on video and trim automatically?

Enable the Trim option.

How to superimpose music replacing the original audio track?

  • Click on the added video to show buttons.
  • Click on the music editor button .
  • Set volume of video to 0.
  • Add new music to video editor.

How to make fade out and fade in of music or completely disable this effect?

Set fade in and fade out effect duration in the parameters of the sound track.

Parameters can be set for each file: Click on the file, then click the editor button .