How to replace audio in a video?

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You want: to completely replace the sound track of the video.

Solution: the Video Editor online :)


  1. Use the download button to add your video and music.
    You can use the free music collection to search for interesting music.
  2. Click on the uploaded video to display the control buttons.
  3. Click on the open editor button .
  4. Set the volume to 0 in the editor that opens.
  5. Return to the main editor and click "make video".


How to automatically trim music for the duration of the video?

Set the Trim option in the settings of the audio track.

How to specify the desired piece of music?

  1. Choose the music file to show controls.
  2. Choose the editor button to open editor.
  3. Move sliders in the waveform diagram or specify the exact value of start and end to select the desired fragment.

How to use sound from another video?

Drag another video onto the audio track of the video editor (to the leftmost part). So only the sound from this video will be used, and the video frames will be ignored.

How to remove the sound from the video completely?

  1. Click on the video.
  2. Click on the editor button .
  3. Set the volume level to 0 (disable completely).