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How to make movie on your own without installing any video editing software on your computer? Nowadays it is not necessary for used to install video maker on the computer because now there are analogues that make it possible to work with videos in browser window. Services for making photo slideshows - functional alternative to paid programs. Working with these online-resources you will be able to make quality photo slideshows with music. And now lets look through program features of some of the most popular online services. How to make a slideshows in each one of them?

You should obligatory use our online movie maker - without any registration or downloading, it is absolutely free, you can make your own photo slideshows using this programs.



How to make movie in Animoto? It is one of the simplest resources on the internet with a useful step by step wizard and a great number of templates of ready films. Its interface is very simple and understandable - all of the program operations are made with the help of wizard. Making slideshows is a perfect task for Animoto.

After choosing a pattern the page with an offer of uploading mediafiles will open and out of these mediafiles you will create your future movie. Besides, you can upload files of different formats not only from your hard disk but also from cloud services. While uploading user may change the graphics settings and add captions. As soon as materials will upload on site the recourse will offer you to fill out the date about your future movie and choose a miniature. If you would like to see how the uploaded item will look with different patterns you should just press Preview. If you are satisfied with the quality of the video you can move to the following step, pressing Skip & Produce. After some waiting time the system will generate a video, and you will be able to download it in any modern format or share the link on film in social networks. The site itself will show you how to make a slideshows and what you can do with the movie afterwards.

Those are all of the advantages of this service. This software is extremely limited in the montage you will not be able to cut you video in there. And also the sound from the clip usually is louder then background music from pattern. However Animoto imposes carefully the effects on video. Before uploading the material you should prepare it separately, and cut it in advance because this service is only good for connecting uploaded elements.



This service has a user-friendly interface and offers you good options for montage. How to make movie with the help of Magisto? To begin with you should upload all the necessary material to site: the source can be either PC or Google Drive. Then a user is choosing the style of future movie and musical background. There are not a lot of patterns of the site, but you will easily find the one you prefer. How to make a slideshows videos? You should only click your mouse several times, because making photo slideshows on Magisto is completely automatic. It should be noticed that this service only allows you to upload files with sound track, otherwise the process of uploading will stop at 99%. After the system will upload a file, a film processing will begin, and when it is done the notification will be sent to your e-mail. This film you may share on social networks and also you may even download your clip after preparation in advance. Making slideshows in Magisto is also possible in mobile application with the same name.



How to make movie using WeVideo? The developer offers you, unlike the previous programs we have looked through, the full-fledged movie maker without an automatic montage function. One can make a homemade photo slideshows that will not be any worse then the one made in stationary program. You will need only an open WeVideo tab. This resource is a very simple program for nonlinear editing. Among the set of instruments there is a timeline window, where you can cut fragments and add additional tracks. There is an hierarchical bank of files, and there are tab as shortcuts to imposition of effects, music and captures. Making of photo slideshows with music is possible using uploaded material from different resources of material. There is also a Russian interface.

Making photo slideshows is possible only in filly manual mode. Regarding this aspect this site can only offer themes for video. They are working effectively: they can stop the video, make an interesting transitions I necessary places. The usage of theme integrates in the movie music, filters and other effects. How to make a slideshows videos? WeVideo replies to this question very thoroughly: this site is considered to be much better then its analogues in terms of functionalities.

One can transform unloaded clips: reflect, turn, resize and change the position. As soon as your film is done you can post it on Vimeo and YouTube, and also save it to cloud storages. You can download this clip for free in the video resolution up to 720р. For FullHD video you will have to pay. This service has its own application for mobile devices.



How to make movie with the help of the service Lifefilm? The process is very standard: at first you should import the material to site. While a video is uploading you have to go down the page and choose a music and one of the color filters. On the very same page you can give a title to your future film and specify the exact date of shooting. If you are wondering how to make a slideshows this resource offers you to configure access to video and to leave or delete music from uploaded file. Here you can select the parameters for transitions between cadres. After all the parameters have been chosen making photo slideshows begins and notification about the successful completion of the operation will come to your e-mail.

There is also a consultant on the site that can give any user an advise concerning making photo slideshows with music.


Each one if the services will help you in making homemade photo slideshows, that will consist of personal mediafiles and materials from other sources. We have discovered how to make a music photo slideshows with the help of online-programs. If you need to make a quick movie from materials you have then you should use such sites as Animoto and Magisto. They are offering you colorful patterns and they will do everything in automatic mode. If you need wider options for montage then it will be better to use WeVideo service. LIFEFILM will help you to make a movie as quick as possible without any special montage.