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How to cut video and music in the movie maker online

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Some time ago, Machete already asked Freddy about how to maker the blur effect in the movie maker online, which helped him create a popular YouTube channel. But now he has faced another problem.

With his favorite GoPro camera on his forehead, Machete has gone into the jungle and faced his enemies so many times that he has gathered a heap of wild video materials. Before merging the videos into one big movie, he needed to trim them a little, keeping only the most interesting moments.

Luckily, when he went to the blade sharpening workshop, he encountered Freddy Krueger who was going to give a better edge to his beautiful fingers.

“Freddy, haven't seen you for ages! I remember you're a very skilled user of the movie maker online. Teach me to cut music and video files, so that I can include only the most interesting moments in my movie!”

Cutting a video

“It's really simple. Having added all the files, make the following steps to open the video editor:

  1. Click on the video you need to cut
  2. Find the edit button and click

In the video editor, look to your left. You'll see the time line with a visualization of the sound track. It has two sliders, start and end. Move them to set which part of the video needs to be cut off. Press the play button to check if you've selected the right fragment.
“Having selected the necessary fragment, go back to the editor. If you want to cut other videos, repeat the procedure for each of them. Once you've finished, click on the create button and download your video.
“Thanks, Freddy, everything was so simple and easy!”
“Indeed, this video editor is really easy to use. Anyone can figure out how to make videos. Do you want me to give you more details on how to merge videos?”
“No, thanks, Freddy. Right now, my machete is ready and I'm in for another fight with my enemies. I'll call on you a bit later and you'll tell me everything!”
“Good luck, Machete!”

By sheer luck, one of Freddy Krueger's tutorials has fallen into our hands. In this clip, he explains it to Machete how to cut videos and music tracks.

Cutting a music track

“Hey, Machete, there's something I completely forgot to mention. If you need to cut a music track, the procedure you should follow is absolutely the same, except you should do everything in the music editor.”
“Thanks a lot!”

When Machete defeated his enemies and came back, Freddy showed him the following: