“Chrieeeeeeeeestopher!” Winnie the Pooh wailed, editing another video in the movie maker online. “Chrieeeeeeeeestopher!”

But no one answered him. In the bear lair, there were only Winnie the Pooh, his MacBook, his latest iPhone, and an empty jar of honey. Winnie the Pooh scratched the back of his head and tried to think, although thoughts were escaping him. Eventually, he decided to visit Christopher Robin once again. He wanted to bring the honey along but realized he had eaten his entire honey stock while editing his would-be YouTube videos. Winnie the Pooh's stomach produced a sad rumbling sound, but the teddy bear had absolutely nothing to comfort it with. He took his iPhone with his registered user profile opened and went to see Christopher.

“Chrieeeeeestopher! Chrieeeeeeeeestopher, are you home?” yelled Winnie the Pooh while knocking on his friend's door.
“Here I am! What's happened, my dear bear?”
“Christopher, I've created a YouTube video in the movie maker online! But I faced a problem and I do not understand how to solve it. When I fell from the tree, Piglet was holding the camera upside down. In the video, the ground is on top, the tree on the bottom, and I'm falling to the sky! I'm just a silly bear, but I'm not that silly. How do I fix it?”
“It's really simple! Come here and take a seat. I'll show you how to rotate a video in the movie maker online in under 3 seconds.”

Rotating a video in 1 sec

“Look here, Winnie! Is this your uploaded video on your iPhone?”
“Yes! It is!”
“Click on it. Several buttons have popped up, see? Find the Rotate button among them. Click on this button. In the newly opened window, select the desired rotation or flip your video or photo horizontally or vertically. That's it!”
“Come on, it can't be that simple, can it?!”
“Don't forget to click the Create Video button and download the final clip, my plush friend!” :)

Video: How to rotate