How to make a fast motion video?

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Make a fast motion

Parameter "speed" will help to make a video faster or slower.

To change speed:

  1. Add your video file.
  2. Wait until the file is uploaded and processed (there will be a video preview images) - it usually takes seconds.
  3. Click on the file.
  4. Among the buttons that appear, click the editor button .
  5. In the opened editor, click the parameter - speed, where:
    < 1
    Slow motion
    > 1
    Fast motion
    Normal speed
  6. Return to the main video editor and click the "Create video" button.

Download the finished video or share it on YouTube.

Decorate your video with effects, put on music and add a lot of other improvements.

Read how to do it in the help center with short video tutorials.

Fast music

Similar steps to make music faster.

Do not worry when the music editor opens in place of the video, as it should be. :) The name of the parameter is the same.