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When uploading finished go to video editor area to set movie preferences, order or just click make button.

Video editor

  • Move over files or click on it to show editor icons.
  •   The time of appearance is hard positioned, press it again for the automatic positioning.
  •  Open audio, picture, text and video editor.
  •  Rotate, vertifacal flip & horizontal flip.
  •  Delete.

Video editor is a main area of our service, it contains all uploaded pictures, free images, photos and subtitles. Drag uploaded items at video maker area to set order at the slideshow. Don't be lazy to make your animated movies interesting, enjoy video editing.

Double click on item to open photo editor, to cut videos at video editor and to set custom subtitles styles. Also if you would like you may rotate and delete unnecessary photos and subtitles at our video maker.

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Online movie maker

Perhaps you've already guessed that making a video with the help of our movie maker is very easy :) We worked so hard for you and now we'd like to invite you to take advantage of our online movie maker yourselves. With the help of it you can make collages of your own photos, favorite music, the unexpected videos shot on your smartphone or even your favorite sports movies from GoPro cam. You indeed can create high quality videos in an absolutely full way at home spending just 5-10 minutes :)

Making videos is rather simple – just 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload musics, free images, your own animated movies and subtitles to our free video editing software.
  2. If you need, change subtitles style, edit photos, edit and cut music, choose the needed moment of your audio file, change the order of music, photos and subtitles by the simple dragging, edit the uploaded animated videos the same way.
  3. Click make a video button, then wait until the whole process of making a movie is finished, after it you can easily download your slideshow, post it on facebook pages or on the Youtube channel.

Our editor will make a movies for you in a so-called semi-intelligent mode. What does this mode mean? It's really a very simple way: you upload your own photography, animated movies and musics you want to use, add the subtitle you want, then click "Make A Video" button and in just a few moments the process of creating your own home movie is completed. The ready slideshow can be viewed, downloaded to your PC. You can have so much fun and also please your friends by uploading it to any social network pages, such as VK, Facebook, you can also post the ready movie on your YouTube channel.

Moreover, using the intelligent mode our free video editing software will automatically bring the selected musical composition, add the increasing volume at the very beginning of every music track and add the damping volume in its end. If you'd like to use several music records, the editor will bring them together so that a sharp transition will never be heard.

Our little AI does the following smart things with your images and animated movies: it will count the total duration of all movies, then it will put the uploaded movies in the prescribed manner, then, for all the pictures downloaded, it will calculate the required time of displaying, then it will calculate how fast the effects of appearance and disappearance pictures in the will last.

Video editing software

What are the basic features of your free video editing software that will help me to create a slideshow with photos and music files at home? Here is the short list:

  • Set the order you want by dragging the uploaded media items, notice that you should drag the audios for their names.
  • You can set the time of displaying your photos by double-clicking on the photo and choosing the duration. If the show is not specified, it is calculated automatically (the duration of the whole music -> the total duration of all the movies / number of photos).
  • If there's no music, photos are showed during the minimum amount of time set by the editor.
  • Time of displaying the subtitle messages and subtitles are also calculated automatically (total length of the music or image, depending on the duration of each element / number of messages).
  • To insert the blank spaces you should just add empty posts.
  • Easy and fast creating of slideshows
  • With the help of our smart free video editing software you can easily create any kind of slideshows. Create slideshows using photos from your travel or do ads for your products.
  • To create a unique slideshow, download photos from your PC or use the convenient loading service of social network. You can add animated movies, music tracks and subtitles to your slideshow just in the same way.

Video editing

You can upload animated movies of almost any size and resolution that exist nowadays. To create your own videos you should not have some special knowledge of animated movies editing (to start the Video Editor, double-click the preview of your downloaded video).

All downloaded videos have the following editing possibilities:

  • Cutting the needed segment - you can preview your animated movies by playing it, then select the needed segment and then use the selected part only.
  • Choosing animated transition effect of appearance and disappearance, setting the length of animated transiton effects
  • Choosing track volume. Set the volume to “0” to completely disable the audio of the video.
  • Choose duration of the effects of rise and decay of your audio track.
  • Let our free video editing software know what scale of movie frame you'd like to have - the choice of the scale and the method of inscribing the frame.
  • Rotate your movie, flip it vertically and horizontally.
  • Choose styles for the preparation and editing, for example, the silent movie style, the black and white movies style, blurred style, etc.

Photo editing

You can upload photos from your PC, your social network pages or from the Internet. When a picture is uploaded you can:

  • Set the desired length of displaying pictures in your movie.
  • Set interesting animated transition effects of appearance and disappearance and the duration of the effects.
  • Set the background color (remember that black is boring :) ).
  • Set photo fitting inside the frame - should it be full-sized or cut at the edges filling the entire frame.
  • Rotate a photo clockwise, reflect it horizontally and vertically.
  • Apply different styles, such as aging, contrasting, the silent movie style, the black and white style, etc.

Music editing

Upload music of any format to our free video editing software.

When music is uploaded you can:

  • Use only a certain segment of the downloaded music track by cutting it - click and-drag it on the scale to set start and end time manually.
  • Set the desired volume of the music.
  • Set the effects of growth and decay of music and their duration.
  • If there are several audios you also can set the length of bonding - the duration of mixing music in the transition from one track to another.
  • Choose audio effects, for example, bass enhancing or adding echoes.

Online video maker

How to make a video with photos and music at home more interesting?

Here you can read some tips while your new animated movies will be creating.

What kind of media files can be uploaded to your free video editing software?

To create an animated movies you can upload almost any kinds of videos, images and music files.

What the maximum size of all the uploaded files is?

We constantly work on increasing of maximum allowable size of uploads. Today you can upload files up to 50 megabytes. If you to try to download a too large file, you will definitely get an error indication dialogue window with the information about the maximum permissible size of a downloading file for your slideshow.

Free video editing software

How long does this online movie maker keeps uploaded photos, videos, audios?

After the uploading all the media items can be stored for different amounts of time, it depends on the busyness of our editor. Usually it is not less than 3 days since your last visit. For example, in case you want to do a slideshow of photos and music and uploaded all the files and add all the subtitle comments today, you can continue tomorrow - files are saved for another 3 days (although they can be safely stored for more or less time). Visit our home more often using your ability to create new videos using all the files that had been downloaded before. It is rather important not to forget to register on our page for all your files to be forever and ever attached to your account (in case you use another browser or reinstall the OS on your PC).

Video maker

Can I make a video with photos and music with the addition of congratulatory subtitles?

Yes, you can. And your messages can be not only congratulatory! In the process of video editing you can add any subtitle and change its style: set the color, the desired font, font size, thickness and color fringing.


How can I use the created slideshow? Does this animated video maker let me download the finished slideshow or publish it on social network or YouTube?

Yes, it dies. Our movie maker not only allow you do editing, you will be also able to:

  • Share your slideshow in social network VK.
  • Share your ready video file with your foreign friends in social network Facebook.
  • Post your ready video on your YouTube channel.
  • Just download the ready video file to your PC or iPhone.
  • Post the created video on our website, with its name and a full description, then embed it onto your page or send the link to your friends.

Movie Maker

Why is this animated Video Maker editor so wonderful? Is it better than the famous Movie Maker?

Our free video editing software allows you to create your own animated movies online, there will be no need for you to install any video editing software to your PC or tablet, you can easily edit and create slideshows on any device, even the mobile one. Your device just has to have an up-to-date browser. Free video editing software lets you to share your movies on your social network pages easily - VK, Facebook, YouTube. It will be shared very fast with the help of the built-in functions of the editor.

Is it better than the Movie Maker? It's up to you! But if you want to hear our opinion, we believe that our free video editing software maker is much better than Movie Maker! :))

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