Using our video editing software online very simple, just do it in three free steps:

  1. Upload free music, free photos, own best smartphone videos and add subtitles. Don't care about photos order, you may process photos and video order later, just drag-n-drop them.
  2. Select transition animation effects and if you want change subtitles styles, process photos free and choose videos fitting, select music fragments, reorder photos, video, music and text.
  3. Click make video to start video maker process, when video maker process finished download video or share it on youtube or facebook.

And if you have any question or suggestion about video making process, please, write us. Enjoy!

Upload musics, videos, photos

100 is max files number.
50 MB is max file size.

  • Drag-n-drop files here to set order, drag audio files using names
  • You may set photos duration manually (double click on photo and set duration), otherwise duration of photos will calculate automatically:
    (Music duration - video duration) / Number of photos
    Photos have minimum duration if no music.
  • Duration of texts calculated automatically:
    (Longest of music duration or summary duration of photos and videos) / number of text messages
    To insert blank spaces, you can add a blank text
Uploading progress 60%

Movie duration:

We regret, but you are not available to make movie longer that 05:00, so your movie will be truncated.
Video, Photos

Upload photos, music and own videos to make animated movie with online video maker. You may use classic file upload dialog or just drag-n-drop files to that page. Than you can start making, just click button on the right from upload button, but before, you available to draw, add text over photos and change a lot of other movie preferences, see below.

To start making movie with online video maker you may use classic file upload dialog or just drag-n-drop files to that page. Then you can start making, just click button on the right from upload button, but before, you available to draw, add text over pictures and change a lot of other movie preferences, see upper.

Why create a video of the photo? Internet is filled with photographs, a little more than almost completely. The army of photographers advance every day. But photos look dull, click after click, picture after picture... Much more interesting and more attractive to make a video of animated photos and music. First, for your video, you select only the best picture, which means a better chance that your photo inspection to the end. Second, by choosing favorite music, adding comments animation and drawings you get a nice result, because a pretty photos with your favorite music and funny messages look much nicer and more interesting.

Your video may be a educational slideshow with images and diagrams under a small story or funny clip about a recent trip attraction. Streaming videos are interesting than only photos, and your favorite music is always a pleasure to hear one more time, and maybe 100 :) Your motivation, desire, passion, using this movie editor help you make mix of fantasy and reality!

What is movie maker? is your online program to create a beautiful home movie from photos animation and music absolutely free! To create a movie you just have to add the required photos and favorite music to start making process. Also video editor allows you to add subtitle and draw on pictures.

Use video editor to make slideshow presentations for school or for work. Create the photo movie report about a good trip and vacation with impressive music for your family and friends!

Necessarily share created movie with your family and friends on social networks and video portals!

How to make a movie?

Beautiful day, is not it? And now you want to make a video, no less beautiful than this day. Well, you've come to the address. Our online video editor is a totally free program that helps you make a beautiful movie online. Create a movie from photos using our service is very easy even for beginners and take you 5-10 minutes.

To create a video with animated photos, you need pictures (or any other pictures) and good music. Photos and music can be uploaded either from your computer or from a social network or just from the Internet. You can use your pictures as well as pictures are available from photo hosting services such as flickr, only pay close attention to the copyright law. But the most overriding in this case - your imagination and creativity :)

When a new movie is ready, send your friends a link to it, share this video at social networks or add to youtube, not for myself you did it. Distribute your movies in any way and let luck will help you catch the wave.

This in a nutshell, if you want to learn more, read our notes about the use of our video service, if you want suggest anything or have idea how to improve our service send us a message with feedback form.