How to make youtube music videos wonderful and exciting?

For fans of unusual creative experiments it will be interesting to learn how to make music videos by yourself. Then how to post it on a popular resource and "earn" enough attention. It is really possible to produce the excellent with your own hands. Following attentively some competent tips, we can achieve a great result. It will largely surpass all expectations. Which important aspects you should pay attention to for making it perfect on youtube? What mistakes can you avoid? You will find out in this compilation of useful information.

Main secrets of qualitative youtube material creation.

1) Good shooting quality. It is an impossible task to achieve the excellent shooting quality in the way that a homemade music movie will not differ from a professional one. The best option is borrowing/buying a good camera. The equipment must have a minimum set of options and functions for the high quality recording. Better "raw" material characteristics make the work easier, getting a cool result.

2) A thought out idea. Often a ready homemade music movie has an absolutely different result, which an author originally wanted. Why it happens? The reason is simple - a person can see a general "ready picture". Having no experience in movie recording, an operator is not able to take into account and keep mentally every important clip detail. You have to draw a detailed plan beforehand or "storyboard". While working you will surely make changes, a number of additional ideas not once.

3) Emphasis, "bright spots". How to make music movies for constantly holding a viewer's attention? A youtube music video is great, allowing people to view it anywhere in the world. Simultaneously, it is the "weak point" of any clip. As for statistics, an Internet user watches only 1-2 clips to the end among ten opened ones. The next trick will help in keeping an attention till the end. It fully requires to highlight key points or "bright spots" in a youtube clip. For example, a Siamese cat Barneus brilliantly meows to the music. But viewers do not watch this really funny "show" if it is too monotonic. If the beauty Barneus can actively run around an apartment between songs, roll over and perform other tricks, these actions will give a desired dynamics.

4) The musical accompaniment, sound effects. Depending on a chosen theme, a homemade youtube is accompanied by appropriate music, comic sound effects, and various interesting tidbits. If a clip was shot with your own hands in bad weather, during movement or other difficult circumstances, the imposing of qualitative sound on it is not totally superfluous. The incendiary music may greatly help when shooting of different fun processes (children laugh, dancing), enhancing positive emotions while watching process.

5) Additional functions. Following features will help in making your material more exciting, playing on necessary moments: acceleration or deceleration, increase of the brightness or contrast. Additionally, unusual visual effects that can be done in special programs for video processing will come in handy.

How to post to youtube top?

If you follow simple rules of shooting and posting youtube music video, your product will reach the top views of the service. What do you need? Next key points can help:

  • "Catchy" material name - a half of the business success.
  • Make your cover intriguing enough. Be maximally creative.
  • The successful clip description with your hands must have some mystery, innuendo (this will push the user to viewing).
  • Formulate movie keywords clearly, aptly, correctly.
  • Adding video into a playlist you raise its views, stimulate referrals from other clips – next will be opened a whole list.

Small important shooting details.

Do not forget some barely visible things that can easily spoil the whole process of creating. Among them are:

  • Lens cover. So many brilliant work results will never see anyone - an operator did not remove a camera lens cover!
  • Charge the battery. Take care of full charge on all devices in advance. Think through these nuances beforehand.
  • Test shooting. Shoot a test clip in order to assess the quality, spot lights, and other important parameters. Sacrificing even several minutes of time, you really save hours of laborious work, a decent amount of nerve cells.
  • Maximum materials. Shoot everything useful and uncover a future clip plot: a shooting place, bystanders, nature, unexpected shots. Shoot more material for successfully fitting into the overall picture, rather than additionally look for it after your work is done.

Having examined a little bit the actual question "How to make music videos wonderful, exciting, interesting with your own hands?", it becomes clear - it is not a difficult task at all. The main thing is to approach it responsibly, energetically, willing. Create up for achieving a perfect result.