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How to properly share YouTube and social networks?

In order to share your music creature on popular websites, you need to know just a few secrets. Having acquired described below knowledge, you can easily post your materials and enjoy your creations on such resources as YouTube, Facebook and other.

How to share on YouTube?

For sharing a music video on this widespread website, you should have a Google account. If you already are its happy owner - excellently, otherwise, it means you need to make an account. Google registration generally provides plenty of opportunities for its users.

To make an original clip and its convenient posting on YouTube channel, you should use our free video editor. It help you make a masterpiece, also it's the quickest and easiest way for sharing music clips on youtube.

There is YouTube button on this page, below a clip. The important enough moment in youtube music videos posting process is filling up "title and description" fields. Your clip will be viewed as many times as possible if you choose the right keywords for its unique name. Enter «wordstat» in a search engine – selection service of popular search terms.

Type any movie topic phrase. For example, youtube is showing users how to cook a red-beet soup. The system gave 7871 searches per month. It is really normal rate, so we will use it. Type also a number of popular queries in youtube clip description: how to cook a red-beet soup, or cook a delicious red-beet soup.

The using of main keywords service will be very helpful in keywords choice for choosing clip name and description. It gives important information by search queries exactly in YouTube service. Here you should specify the language for searching, country, and a word or phrase. The next step - click "find keywords". Selected keys are desirable to be noted somewhere. With results of these two services work we will withdraw perfect name and description of youtube music videos.

Thanks to correctly picked up description, your masterpiece will be watched every day by dozens, thousands of people, and channel popularity will increase. The "tags" field is also mandatory for filling in directly this website. Here we type short queries, like delicious soup, red-beet soup, red-beet soup recipe. All tags must be typed by comma separated. When all fields are filled in, your youtube music clip are ready to be shared, click «YouTube». You will be redirected to your channel page,properly authorize here using Google login and password, confirm required permissions to share a movie, and soon your creation will be uploaded.

Let’s summarize our knowledge. To add a movie on this website it is necessary to:

  1. Have a Google account
  2. Make a music movie
  3. Log in youtube
  4. Find keywords
  5. Fill in a title, description, youtube tags
  6. Post a movie by clicking youtube button

We have learned how to post clips on YouTube, you will soon overtake million views, and a new car in addition :)

How to share music clip on Vkontakte?

In order to add a film on VK, you should have a profile on this social network. This is one of the most popular website, so music movie sharing here can be very useful. The network includes more than 10 million people.

How can we share on vk? Fill posting fields under a clip on the page of your own clip viewing. Type the music movie name and description.

Be creative and come up with any original title. It will be surely watched by your friends and subscribers, subscribers and friends of their friends. Filling in necessary fields, click «Vkontakte». Music clip will be uploading in a moment. When a file is loaded in a profile, it will start the processing (conversion). This process may take some time. After this file processing completion, a window "video converted and shared" will appear. Your clip VKontakte is posted, now share it with your friends, close people and everyone you would like to.

Making movie congratulations could be a great way to send for birthday persons – it is much nicer than a card. Really wide horizons for imagination and creative ideas can be opened. Let’s repeat our knowledge - what we need to do:

  • Make a clip on the making page
  • Fill in the posting form under a clip
  • Click «VK» button
  • Wait for conversion
  • Admire your creation, and show friends

How to share on Facebook?

Users are given a number of ways of uploading uploading to Facebook. Each of them is detailed discussed below.

Via our Video Editor

The first, and easiest way to share your music movie via our free Video Editor is to fill in on this page of ready music film viewing. It is located directly below a clip.

Type the name and description of your creation, and click «Facebook», then confirm site access to an account. Our music movie is successfully added on Facebook. Prepare for the huge world popularity and train signing autographs.

Download via button, and then directly upload a file

Or choose another way: go to your Facebook account. Click "Video" under the word "Applications". Search for "Welcome to Video" on the opened page. There is a link "Share your personal..." under a greeting. Click the button and wait for "Choose File" appearing. Select a file using Windows Explorer on your computer. There is social network information on the legal nature policy. Here we click "Agree". In fields "Title" and "Description " write clip name and description respectively. You can find also a possibility to choose the audience to view and comment on shared videos. When you are ready - click" Save Info".

Posting via Youtube

You can also upload to Facebook via this channel. We go in parallel browser tabs on both resources. In settings press connected YouTube accounts and choose Facebook «connect». Find a desired video, and click "Share». In the lower left corner find icons of social networks, press the «F». You have an opened window to make clip description. Then click "share". Everything is quite simple and requires no special knowledge.