Merge video

Drag clips, photos, music onto the page to combine

How to merge videos

Online Movie Maker and Video Editor combines videos with photos and music for free without registration, watermarks and app downloading. It’s very easy and takes quite a little time.

1. Add files

To add files for combining use the upload button. On Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux computers - just drag and drop files onto the page.

Additionally, you have access to a unique free collection of beautiful photos and pleasant music to create a beautiful background.

MovieMakerOnline accepts songs, clips, and images of any formats and resolutions - 3gp, ac3, avi, flv, m4a, mkv, mov, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mts, ogg, opus, vhf, vob, wav, webm, webp, wma, wmv and many others.

How to add text and titles to videos

Add files to merge video, photo, music

2. Combining

Files are lined up one after another and joined together with automatic stretching to the main layer.

Drag and drop files to set the order. Press, hold, drag - on mobile phones and tablets with touch screen like iPhone and Android

The music, background, and text layers can be trimmed to the main layer with the parameter "Trim" or stretched up to fit maximum duration of all layers with "Stretch".

Trim layers to main or stretch up

Trim video

You can trim video and music using the trimmer by the button.

More about How to trim videos online.

Trim video and music

Duration of photos and text

The "Minimum Duration" parameter are responsible for the minimum duration of photos and text.

To set the duration, move the slider at the bottom border or set the exact value using the button.

Duration of photos and texts

Join position

To accurately combine video from different elements, turn on "Hold position" and drag the file to the required place.

For touch devices, iPhone, Android - tap, hold, drag.

Combine videos, photos, music

Join videos with transitions

Transitions are configured for each layer with the "Appearing" and "Disappearing" options in the layer settings, immediately after the editing area. Or separately for each file through the editor .

To disable transitions, set the "Duration" parameter of the transition to 0.

How to join videos without transitions

Join videos with transitions and without

3. Download combined video

When the joining options for the video are set, the photos are combined with the video and music, just click "Make Video".

The merging process is fast enough, but depends on the total number of files, their formats, resolutions and the total number of graphic effects.

How to add background music

Download combined video