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Drop files here to mirror a video and photo online

How to mirror a video?

MovieMakerOnline.com is your Free Movie Maker and Video Editor. It takes a few seconds to mirror a video without sign up and application downloading.

Check a full step-by-step instruction with explanations and pictures below;

Music - Martinez - Rise

1. Add files

Add files to mirror

Add video files to the video editor with the upload button.

We used the same file, so instead of the second upload, we pressed the clone button .

Add a music from the free music collection, as we did for this tutorial video - "Pure Mids, Maybe Its Alright".

If there are several files and they are on different devices:

  1. Register.
  2. Login on devices under one account.
  3. Add files on each device.
  4. Reload the page.

It is not necessary to register in other cases.

2. Set the mirror

  1. Select a file
  2. Open and editor .
  3. Set region.
  4. Set how the file fits the region.
  5. Set desired parameters of mirroring .

The blur turned off for the left file, because the video file is on the background line and the blur is enabled by default:

Open the effects selection dialog and immediately click "save" - the empty list of effects for this file is saved.

Open editor to set mirror parameters Mirror video - set a region and turn off blur

4. Make a video

Download mirrored video

When you set all necessary parameters just click the "Make Video" button on the main page of the video editor.

Download and share mirrored video on social networks and YouTube.