Royalty Free Music for Video Making

How to find royalty free music for making non-commercial videos

Free music

You should familiarize yourself with the relevant licenses and find out if your situation falls under a free license.

Let's make a reservation right away that the steps described here are suitable for finding and downloading music for personal and non-commercial use. For example, to create a video congratulation that will be shown for free on a family party.

Of course, you can search for music for commercial use in the same way, but you need to familiarize yourself with the corresponding licenses yourself and pay the appropriate fees, if required.

Jamendo Free Music Collection

The jamendo music service allows you to use a fairly large selection for non-commercial purposes great yet totally free music. The collection is constantly updated and contains the widest selection of various musical styles and directions, for any mood. We are sure you can find music to your liking.

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1. Open Jamendo

Open in any browser.

We select the option on the left, for non-commercial use.

Open Jamendo to find free music

2. Search and download free music from Jamendo

Search fields at the top of the page - you can search by genres, moods, song titles and artist names.

To play the found music, click on the title or on the picture.

To download, click the icon on the right.

Find and download free Jamendo music

3. Add music to video editor

Add the downloaded file using the upload button.

BBC Sound Effects

For more than a century of history, the BBC has accumulated more than 33,000 different sounds from all over the world, which can be use in your videos for personal, educational or research purposes.

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1. Open BBC Sound effects

Open in any browser

2. Find

At the top of the page there is a search field, enter a word or phrase there strictly in English describing the required sound: For example aeroplane, auto, bit, forest, waterfall, cat.

Or use the directory search - "Browse All BBC Sound Effects".

BBC Sound Effects - Search for Sounds

3. Download sound file

To play the found sound, click on the play button or anywhere on the sound diagram.

To download a sound, click on the icon on the right, and then select download as an mp3 file.

Find and Download Free Sounds at BBC Sound Effects

4. Add sound to video editor

Add the downloaded sound file using the download button.

How to insert sound at a specific point in a video.