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Once upon a time Mozart came to Salieri having anguish in his voice and asked:

- Listen, Salieri, do you know where in the Internet can I find free and large collections of good music?
- Nope! - asked Salieri.

That was for a good reason: as a result, Mozart sat down and wrote his unforgettable music, and Salieri became famous too. And even Pushkin - yes, the most famous son of a bitch in the world - made up a good story and earned some money.

But it's all about the lyrics, now let's talk on business!

How to use free music collections to create videos

Free music

Jamendo Music service is for non-commercial use and it has quite large collection of wonderful and royalty free music. The collection is constantly updated and it contains a wide variety of different musical styles fitting any mood. We're quite sure you'll find the music you really like.

For more information on licensing you can look through the following webpage with some explanations.

Free music search

Once upon a time Mark Twain came to Thomas Edisson and asked to download into his iPhone some cool tracks to listen to while jogging. Edisson - not being a fool - downloaded several sets from Jamendo. Mark listened to it while running and then realized that the music is not his cup of tee. So, he became a writer. And quite a good one!

And we - as Twain asked us in his secret and unpublished testament (which, I must say, was written by him in a second before his death, but it's a big secret - will use the search of good music on Jamendo for creating your videos.

To search you can choose a theme fitting your mood by clicking on the link, or use the search by genre. Free music catalogue is very extensive - music can be searched by any keyword you like. For this you just need to use search.

Search royalty free music
If you previously choose genre or theme, they will be displayed on the input field of search phrases. Be careful: if you forget that you have narrowed down the searching area, the results will not be displayed. To remove a filter just click on the red cross near the selected word.

Listening to the found music

The found songs are displayed in the intuitive table that containing a photo album cover, a song title, an author's name, an album name, the duration of the track and the keywords.

Play music

To play the song you like, use the play and stop buttons, or click directly on the name of the song. For setting the point the setting are the following: the beginning of the recording is its first letter, the end of it is a grey vertical line after the last letter of the track name.

Clicking on the author's name or the title of the album will show you - respectively - all the records of this author or the whole selected album.

The rightmost part of the string of the found track is a list of keywords of the song - clicking on each of them will let you search all the songs with the fitting keyword. Be careful, if you had previously searched by music mood or by genre, intersection can get no results..

Download royalty free music and adding it to the videos

In order to download your favorite track, click on the download icon in the leftmost part of the string of the found track.