Add music to a photo

Drag and drop files onto the page to add music to your photos or use free collections.

How to add music to photo?

It is very easy to add music to your photo with the online video editor and movie maker.

It will take about 5 minutes and you will need a modern browser only. If you don’t have your photos and music, you can use the free collections.

No need to register, download and install applications. And everything is absolutely for free.

Add photo to music
1. Add photo
  • With upload button.
  • Drag and drop onto the page.
  • Free photos collection.
Add music to photo
2. Add music
  • Drag onto the page.
  • Add your mp3 with upload button.
  • Free music collection.
Make photo music video
3. Download

Just click make a video, download and publish the finished video clip.

Video lesson - put music onto photo

Free musiic for video - Joystock - Funky Beach

Photo duration

Add photo to music - photo duration

By default, photos have a duration specified by the "Minimum Duration" parameter. If you turn off the "Trim to main" option, the photos will stretch automatically along the entire length of the audio track.

Move the slider at the lower left side of the file to set a specific duration, or:

  1. Hit a photo.
  2. Click the duration button.
  3. Drag a slider to set the duration.

Click "Auto" in the previous step dialog to return to automatic duration.

Trim music

  1. Click on the music.
  2. Open trimmer with the edit button .
  3. Drag sliders to select a fragment.
  4. Click the "Save" button.
Put music on photo - trim music 1 Put music on photo - trim music 2

Pause at start

Photo to video with music - pause at start

To start music from a pause or to select a specific moment the music starts:

  1. Click on the music file.
  2. Enable "Hold position" button , the button will cease to be translucent - means the file will hold the specified position.
  3. Drag the song up and down to the desired point in time.

Volume fade in/out

Add music to photo - volume fade in and fade out 1

Set the value to fade in and fade out in the soundtrack settings.

If there are several records, you can set fade in and fade out for each record individually:

Add music to photo - volume fade in and fade out 2
  1. Click the file.
  2. Open an editor with button .
  3. Set the appropriate parameters in the editor.