How to add music to a photo?

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With the help of MovieMakerOnline video editor you can add music to a photo in three simple steps:

  1. Add one or more photos.
  2. Add your own music or use the free music collection. All added files will appear in the video editor area. Files can be trimmed, dragged, swapped.
  3. Click the "create video" button.

Parameters and effects

How to add music to a photo with a specific duration, for example 10 seconds?

  1. Click on the added photo to show control buttons.
  2. Click on the duration button .
  3. Drag the slider to set 10 second in the appeared dialog.
  4. Turn on "trim" parameter in the audio settings.

How to put music on a photo entirely?

  1. Check that the photos do not have duration. if photos have duration turn off it.
    1. Click on the photo.
    2. Click on the duration button .
    3. Click "Default" (Automatic) in the appeared window.
  2. Turn off the Trim option for the audio track.
If photos or text do not have a specific duration, the video editor will stretch the photos automatically, along the entire length of the audio track.

How to trim music and add only a specific piece?

  1. Click on the added song to see the edit buttons.
  2. Click the edit button .
  3. Move sliders on the waveform diagram in the music editor to select the desired fragment.

How to add music to a photo with a pause at the beginning?

  1. Click on the music file to get control buttons.
  2. Click to enable "hold position" button - now it let you to set the time of appearance of the song.
  3. Drag the song up and down for the desired time.

How to make a smooth fade in and fade out of music?

Set the value of fade in and fade out parameters for the sound track.

If there are several music files you can set fade in and fade out for each record separately:

  1. Click on a file.
  2. Click the editor button .
  3. Set parameters in the opened editor.