Add Music to Photo

Free, without registration and watermarks add music to photos and pictures online

1. Add files

Simply drag and drop files onto the page or use the button to add music to photos and pictures. Use the free collections of photos and music if you don't have own files. - add music to photos online, without watermarks, absolutely free with any modern browser on iPhone, Android, macOs, Linux, Windows, and ChromeOS.

It will take less than 5 minutes. Signing up, downloading and installing programs are not required.

Free musiic for video - Joystock - Funky Beach

2. Set duration

The added music will appear on the music track, and the added photo or picture will appear on the main layer.

To instruct the video editor to show your picture throughout the entire added song enable the "Stretch" option.

Add music to photo or add sound to picture

3. Download video

Choose the desired video format - TikTok, Instagram, Youtube or leave it automatically selected.

Then click "Make Video" and download the finished clip.

Download finished video with music