How to add or change background music on a video?

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A short video tutorial will tell you how to add background music to videos.

  1. Add videos using the upload button.
  2. Add the desired music with the same upload button or use free music collection to search background music by mood. This collection which contains a large amount of energetic, fun or sad music of various genres and styles.
  3. Adjust the required volume of video and music, quieter for the background and louder for the main video sequence:
    1. Click on the desired music or video file.
    2. Click the edit button .
    3. Set the "Volume" parameter in the opened editor.
    If you need to specify the beginning and end of a piece of music, use the corresponding sliders in editor.
  4. Enable the Trim option to automatically trim the music on the duration of video sequence.
  5. Click "Create video".

Each sound file can have a fade in and fade out volume effects at the beginning and end.

Use the general fade in and fade out parameters of soundtrack or set it for each file separately through the edit button.