Background for video

Add beautiful background from photos and pictures to video online

Movie Maker and Video Editor Online will make a beautiful background for videos absolutely free online on iPhone, Android, macOs, Linux, Chrome OS and Windows without registering and downloading programs in any modern browser.

How to make video background

Simply drag and drop uploaded files onto the background layer to add a background.

Files can be uploaded from the local device by upload button or add beautiful photos and videos of Full HD quality from the free collection using search by the "Beautiful photos" button.

Transitions, effects, volume and other parameters valid to all files of the background layer are located immediately behind the editing area. Set parameters affecting a specific file using the editor button .

Make beautiful video background

Automatic background

To create a background from photos and videos on the main layer automatically turn on the "Generate" option in the settings under the editing area.

Make automatic background

Background for portrait video

How to crop video edges

To add a background to a portrait video:

  1. Specify a non-portrait video format such as YouTube or Instagram.
  2. Add an image as wallpaper or create a background automatically.
Add background for portrait video

Black or colored background

Simply pick the appropriate color to add black or any other color as the background.

Add black or colored background