How to create a background?

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The background in the video editor is represented by a separate video series.

The background series is to the right of the music track and to the left of the main video series.

Graphic files in the video frame replace each other as well as everywhere else in the editor, from the top to the bottom - the picture below replace the picture above in the vertical row..

Background parameters are among the other parameters, immediately under the main editor.



By default, the video editor creates a background from the main video series adding a blur effect.

To disable / enable blur use background filters.

For automatic generation there is a "Create" parameter.

Background automatically

Add background

To add photos, pictures and videos as a background:

  1. Add files with the appropriate button.
  2. Drag and drop files onto the background line.

Beautiful pictures and photos

To create a beautiful background you can use free images, photos and videos from the "Pixabay" photo stock.

Use words like "flowers", "balls", "love" to search for beautiful photos and pictures

How to blur background

  1. Click on the background filters.
  2. In the opened editor add filters "blur" or "box blur".

In the case when it is required to blur not the whole background but only one or several background files:

  1. Click on the blurred photo or video.
  2. Open the editor with the button.
  3. Add blur filters - "blur" or "box blur".

Background music

Own song

Simply add your own songs and music with the upload button.

Free music

For your convenience, we have connected the free Jamendo music collection . Completely free music of a wide variety of styles and moods for your video.

From another video

In the case when the music is contained in another video:

  1. Add your video.
  2. Drag the video to the left onto the audio track. Video editor use only audio track from a video file if the video on the sound track.

Trim music for background

If you want to use only part of the music file:

  1. Click on the file.
  2. Open the editor with the button.
  3. Move the sliders to select an appropriate fragment.
More about how to trim music.