Fade to Black

To add a fade to black or to any other color transition just drag video and photos onto the page

How to make fade to black transition

Let's see how to make a video with a transition from black to white. Instead of black and white, you can use any colors or pictures, videos and gifs.

Add color for transition

Let's add white and black colors. The added colors will appear on the background layer.

Since colors are used for transitions, let's set the file duration to a small value, one second will be enough.

Add colors for fade to black transitions

Set transitions order

We decided to make a transition from black to picture and from picture to white. To do this, drag the black color to the beginning of the main layer, and white at the end.

Next, set the transition duration for the appearance to "1" second, and for the disappearance to "0" seconds.

If you do not set the duration of the disappearance the main black background will appear for a moment, but it is not required in this case.

That's all, then you can click "Create Video". :)

Set fade to black transition order