Text editing

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Selecting a text for editing

This page will help you to set up the style and edit the added captions.

On the left side, there is a list of all added elements – clips, music, images, subtitles/captions. Clicking on the needed element will open the appropriate editor.

You may add a new text on the video editor’s page.

To return to the main page of the movie maker, use the home button.

Show All – several participating elements – images, captions, photos, clips – can be in each frame of the movie. With the use of this switch you can leave only the file opened in the current editor on visible.

Low quality – in the preview mode, depending on the connection speed, the low quality can be used, but do not worry, the original quality will be used in the final movie.

Green frame – means that the default value is used.

Blue frame – means that the value is set.

In order to roll back the property to the default value, click on the property, and click on Use Default in the footer of the showed dialog.

Transition animation

The fade-in and fade-out effects as well as the direction of movement can be applied to all captions.

Fade-in animation

Where it appears – specifies the direction from which the message will arrive to the area selected for its demonstration in the frame. If the message should not come, but appear instantly in the selected place, select the icon .

Initial scale – the initial size, during the time the caption will take the selected size.

Effect duration – shows how long the animation will last.

If the duration of in/out effects is longer than the time of text demonstration, the in/out duration is reduced proportionally.

Effect – the style used for the fade-in effect. If you don’t need any animation, select .

Fade-out animation

Where it leaves, the final scale and effect duration are similar to the in properties.

Style and properties

Location – in which part of the frame it will be located.

Alignment – how the multi-line caption is aligned, on the left, on the right, center, on both sides.

Video filters – various video filters and animations will make your movie interesting.

Font – lettering style.

Keep in mind, if the selected font is used for one language (the top of font selection dialog), and the other one is used, you may get the question marks instead of the text and other problems.

Fit - whether to fit the text to the width of the frame, if the length of the text string is greater than the width of the frame.

Size – the size of the letters.

Color – the main color of the letters.

Stroke – the outline stroke thickness of the letters.

Stroke color – the outline stroke color of the letters.