Video editing

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1. Selecting the file for editing

The video editor will help you to trim and cut, create the transition animation, apply the effects, select the position and scale of the clip in the frame.

On the left side, there is a list of all uploaded files, click on the image (all files are shown in sequence order) to get into the appropriate editor.

Upload the clips on the main page of the movie editor online.

To return to the main page of the movie maker, use the Home button.

Green frame - for the properties using the default values.

Blue frame - for the properties having their own set value.

If you need to roll back the property to the default value, click on it, and select Use Default at the bottom of the showed dialog.

Show All – each frame is created from several components – clips, music, photos, text. Sometimes their presence can interfere the selection of the right position in the frame, and this button is for such a purpose, it will turn off the unnecessary stuff, leaving only the selected clip.

Low quality – in the preview mode, depending on the connection speed, the low quality can be used, but do not worry, the original quality will be used in the final movie.

3. Transition animation

You can make the transition animation from one to another and the movement in the frame in all used clips, and forgive us Lumiere brothers for this...


Appear from – specifies from which area outside the frame the clip will arrive to the selected position. To disable the motion animation, use the icon in the selection dialog.

Scale – the original size, before the appearance, at the end the clip will take the selected size.

Time – the appearance duration in seconds.

If the fade-in/out time exceeds the length of the clip, it will be proportionally reduced,

Animation – fade-in effect template. To completely disable this function, use the button .


Where to go, scale and time have the same properties as for the in animation.

4. Style and properties

Region - a part of the frame occupied by the current clip.

Scale - how the clip fits in a given region.

Filters – animation and graphic filters, it will help you to create a video with various interesting effects, effects can make the old movie or black-and-white film.

Rotate - rotate the video clockwise or counterclockwise. Flip video.

Fade in – the seconds from the beginning within which the volume gradually increases.

Fade out – the number of seconds till the end within which the volume gradually fades.

Volume – the volume level :)

In the event of setting the maximum volume, you may get the undesirable problems with sound. To prevent that, if the overall sound level seems insufficient, try to check the volume level on your speakers first :)

Speed - make the video faster or slower.

Reverse - play the video in reverse order, from the end to the beginning.

5. Cut and trim

It’s incredibly easy to trim and cut videos:

Find the desired segment with a button or by clicking on any parts of the waveform diagram, when the segment is found, move the sliders on the graph or set specific start and end values.

Movie maker home – will bring you back to the main editor.

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