Free Video Editor

Free, simple and easy online video editor and maker without sign up and watermarks

Free Video Editor

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The state of the video editor for the demo video is presented below.

Simple and Easy Video Editor

All classic and not only video editing functions are available in the video editor. The main difference from other editors is verticality:

Scrolling up and down is much more convenient and easier than scrolling the screen left and right, especially on smartphones like iPhone and Android.

  • The file to the right overlaps the file to the left in the video frame.
  • The file below will appear in the video frame after the file above.

Music, Background, Main and Text - the names of the layers are completely arbitrary and do not limit you in any way. Easily and simply drag and drop background pictures onto the text layer, and background captions to create a composition and transitions:

  • A picture on the music track will add a pause, no visual picture.
  • Music on graphics layer will continue to play, but add pause to the visuals.
Simple and Easy Free video editor online no registration no watermark

The composition on the image same as in the demo video.

- by default, all files are automatically lined up one after another. Turn on this button and selected file will hold the desired position.

- to play video, gif and sound files.

- to trim, to make collage or to set parameters that are valid only for the selected file.

- to copy the file.

- to set the duration of the picture or text.

- drag it to specify the duration of the picture or text.

- to delete a file.

And that's almost all you need to know to use the video editor!

Video Editor Without Registration

All general functions of video editing are available online for free and without registration. No need to fill out any forms and leave your email address to get started or to download the finished video.

And these are just some of the available functions. Explore more details of the video editor functions and various interesting lessons in the help center:

Online video editor no watermark

The final video will not contain watermarks or inscriptions with the name or logo of the program.

Make a great video for you is the best advertisement.

Tell your friends about the online video editor if you like it, we will be happy. Email us about it. :)

Free online video editor no download

To create your own videos using the free video editor your need internet access, a bit of your creative desire and a fairly modern browser on any device, computer, tablet or phone - iPhone, Android, macOs, PC, Linux, Chrome OS, or Windows - a short list of supported devices and platforms.

Large computing power is needed for full-fledged fast and professional video processing A separate computer or phone is not able to provide them.

Therefore, MovieMakerOnline works online without downloading and installing video editing software.

  • Uploaded files do not last longer than required.

Video Editor with Fade In-Out Transitions Effects

Video editing is available free of charge, without registration and watermarks:

  • 60+ transitions and video fade in and out effects.
  • Fade in and out motion animation.
  • Zoom animation, zoom in and out.
  • Fade in and out of music and sound volume.

Almost Unlimited Limits

The existing restrictions are subject to change, we are working on expanding them, see the exact information after you start working with the video editor:


The free version allows you to upload files up to 2 Gigabytes.

And this is a short list of the available formats, the video editor understands much more formats of music, graphics and video files:

Video file formats

Mp4, m2v, m4v, avi, mov, wmv, mts, 3gp, mpeg, flv, vob, mod, mkv, webm, asf, vid, ts, etc.

Graphic formats

Jpeg, jp2, gif, dib, bmp, tiff, png, nef, tga, heic, psd. и т.д.

Music formats

Mp3, amr, mp2, wav, wma, aac, m4a, 3ga, ogg, aiff, aifc, flac, etc.


The free version allows you to create HD and Full HD videos in Mp4 format, which is perfectly accepted by TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and practically any modern programs and devices.


The free version allows you to create videos up to 10 minutes long.