Mp4 video editor?

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MP4 is the main format of this video editor. Mp4 is a universal container format supported:

  • Modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera.
  • Modern operation systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.
  • Mobile devices based on Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android and Windows Mobile.
  • Video hosting services like Youtube, Vimeo and almost all others.

Practically there are no alternatives to this format. It is not available in the sense that there are formats, but their support is not so wide.

Make a mp4

During the creation of a video, you can select the resolution and frame rate:

From the minimum 240p with a resolution of 426x240 pixels and a frequency of 30 frames per second.

Up to a maximum Full HD 1080p with a resolution of 1920x1080 and 4K 2160p with a resolution of 3840x2160 and the frequency of 60 frames per second.

Supported formats

Despite the fact that the main format of the video editor is mp4, you can add files of any graphic, video and music formats.

Trim a mp4

  1. Add a mp4 file.
  2. Click on the mp4 when the mp4 is loaded.
  3. Among the buttons that appear, select "open editor" .
  4. In the opened editor move the sliders to select the desired mp4 fragment.


In the free version there are a number of restrictions on the format and length of the created videos.

Purchase a paid account to eliminate restrictions.

By purchasing a paid account you will process the video without ads. Thanks to advertising, we can provide free video editing and processing.