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Video editor effects

Our collection contains a huge number of various effects for your video: blur, sepia, old movies, various animation effects and many others.

The effects are divided into the effects of motion-appearance-animation and visual transformation of the picture and sound effects.

Effects can be set global for the entire video, for the audio track, background, main video sequence, text and individual effects for each file.

Common effects

Under the main area of the video editor, which contains all the added files, there are parameters and settings of the video being created. For each track there is an "Effects" parameter that defines the visual transformation. And the "Appearing" and "Disappearing" parameters, which define the motion and transition effect for the whole vertical series.

Effects for each file

  1. Click on the file.
  2. Click on the appeared editor button .
  3. n the opened editor set the effects for the selected file.

Video tutorial

Educational video shows how to use effects.

Appearing & disappearing

The appearing and disappearing parameters consist of four values:

The duration of effect
From which / in which area the object will appear / disappear outside the frame.
Before the beginning of the appearing effect or after the end of the disappearing effect.
Mask. How exactly the file will appear.

If the beginning of the file coincides with the beginning of the video, the duration of the appearance effect of 0 seconds.

If the end of the file matches the end of the video, the duration of the effect disappears 0 seconds .

To change, set the duration manually by opening the editor with the button.

Appearing effect

Transformation effects / filters

The effect of sepia, old movie, blur - it's all here.

Clicking on the parameter opens the add effects wizard:

After adding or changing the parameters of the effects shows a looped short clip of the result.
List of added effects and parameters.
"Add effect", "Save" и "Cancel".

Clicking on the "Add effect" to see a list of possible effects with pictures. Select the desired one and click on it to add.

The effect will appear in the list of added ones - play with its parameters to get the desired result, the result will immediately appear in the preview.

Transformation effects