How to blur a video, a photo, a text or background?

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Use the Video Editor online!

Follow the instruction below and blur video online!

How to blur

1. Add a video

Click on the upload button to add your videos, photos or add texts.

2. Add blur effect

  1. Click on the uploaded file.
  2. From the buttons chose "open the editor" button .
  3. In the opened editor click "Effects".
  4. Add the desired filter: "Blur" or "Blur box".
  5. Play with the parameters to get the best result.

The steps above to blur one file.

To blur an entire video sequence, for example the background or to blur an entire video add the blur effect for main series or globally.

3. Make a video

When everything is ready, just click "Make a video".

To create an interesting video add free background music and beautiful pictures and photos from free photo stock.

Blur a background

If you want to blur only the background:

  1. Drag photos and videos to background line or add beautiful photos and pictures from free photo collection.
  2. Add the blur effect for the background.
If you don't have photos and pictures for background enable "Generate" function to create the background automatically from the frames on the main layer.