Rotate video online

Drop your file onto the page to rotate video online!

How to rotate a video?

Did something go wrong and the picture turned upside down? Need to make a vertical video horizontal? Would you like to look at familiar things from a new perspective?

Movie Maker Online Video Editor - will rotate videos of any format:

  • Mp4, avi, mkv etc.
  • 1, 2 or more gigabytes
  • Quck and easy
  • For free
  • Without registration
  • In this browser window, without downloading and installing programs

A lot of benefits and rave reviews!

Enjoy a very short tutorial video, and a detailed step-by-step analysis with pictures next.

Music for videos MarbleSound - Urban Trap

1. Add video

Use the upload button or simply drag and drop files onto the page.

Add a video to rotate

2. Open editor

  1. Click on the added file to call the control buttons.
  2. Open the rotation editor by clicking .
Open editor to rotate video

3. Rotate video

  1. Specify the angle of rotation of the video.
  2. You will see the result immediately.
  3. Click "Save".
Set the rotate property

4. Download

Click "–°reate video".

The video creation process will not take a long time. Shortly download and publish the rotated video on social networks and on YouTube. Enjoy!

Download rotated video