Make Video Black and White

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How to make black and white video online

Dear friend, it has been a long time since the Lumiere brothers released their first film. But we will help you make a black and white video online completely free with the help of the best online video editor!

Start by adding files, you can simply drag them to this page.

Add black and white movie effect

Select file - make video black and white Add affect - make video grayscale

The effect can be imposed on all videos entirely, for this purpose global effects are used.

On a separate layer - background, main or text.

Or to a separate file, for this:

  • Click on the added file.
  • Select the video editor button .
  • In the dialog that appears, click "effects".

There are several effects to create a black and white movie:

Make grayscale video - greyer

All colors turn into grayscale.

Music - Dimaradik - Romantic Epic


Like everything is charcoal painted.

Music - MCKOOL - Just a Stranger


One more way make video grayscale.

As the color of each point uses the difference between the selected color and the color of the point.

Music - Emerald Part - GO!GO!GO


Dynamic division into three thresholds.

Music - Majed salih - Heartcopter


Separation of colors through the threshold value.

Music - DLX - Always

Creation and publication

When the work is completed, click the Create button, and the movie will be done very soon.

Publish the result on YouTube and share it with friends.