Make Video Black and White

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How to make black and white video online

The Lumière brothers had to work hard to release their first silent black-and-white film. And in the 21st century, the Online Video editor and Movie Maker works for you to make a black and white video for free, without registration and watermarks using your usual Internet browser without downloading and installing software!

The three simple steps of adding effects and filters are taken apart separately .

Apply one of the available black and white filters to convert your video from color to black and white:

  • Grayer - black & white film
  • Charcoal - drawing with charcoal
  • Distanter - separation through the difference with the selected color
  • Leveler - division into three thresholds
  • Thresholder - Threshold separation

Grayer - grayscale video

The filter is most reminiscent of black and white cinema - all colors are converted to shades of gray.

Music - Dimaradik - Romantic Epic


Like everything is charcoal painted.

Music - MCKOOL - Just a Stranger


As the color of each point uses the difference between the selected color and the color of the point.

Music - Emerald Part - GO!GO!GO


Dynamic division into three thresholds.

Music - Majed salih - Heartcopter


Separation of colors through the threshold value.

Music - DLX - Always