Dear friend, of course, you were born a little bit later than the Lumiere brothers released their first movie. But we will help you to catch up and make a video online!

1. Adding the files

As a first step, add the necessary files. It may be any image, animations, clip cuts.

The funny tines on the piano were the musical accompaniment in the era of black-and-white movies, that’s why we also suggest using our unique and royalty free music collection!

2. Filters

Our editor has several filters to help creating a black and white:

Black and white

All colors are transformed into B&W.

All gray

The result that is most reminiscent of black-and-white cinema feels like the old TV.

Charcoal drawing

As it was drawn with charcoal on the paper, this is ideal for creating animations.

There are several ways how to apply a necessary effect:

If you want to create a movie that is very similar to the old, make sure to add such effects as aging, dust, grain, or old film.

3. Make the image or clip look old separately

Click on the uploaded file and use one of the shown buttons .

In the opened editor, apply effect to the video clip, image or text.

4. The filter for the background, main sequence or text

In the movie maker, select necessary filters in the settings for the background, main sequence or text.

All other components of the clip will remain in color, and you can apply other effects upon them.

5. Make everything black and white

On the video editor’s page, in general properties, click filters and select the necessary filter.

6. Creation and publication

When the work is completed, click the Create button, and the movie will be done very soon.

Publish the result on YouTube and share it with friends.