Add gif to video

To put gif in a video just drop files here.


You need GIF files, browser and about 5 minutes.

In the gif video maker you available to use Gif animation in any way and for any purpose:

  • Convert gif to mp4 or any other format
  • Trim and cut GIF, scale, apply effects, add music.
  • Use as a dynamic background for your clips.

Music - Little robot

1. Add gif

Make a video from gif - add gif

Use the upload button to add GIFs to the video editor from the local computer, Android or iPhone. Or just drag and drop files onto the page.

If the gif is on another page on the Internet, find out how to download a gif from the Internet but remember about the copyright.

2. Editing video from gif

Crete video from gif - help

With uploaded gifs work as with full-fledged videos:

  • Drag and drop. On touch screens - tap, hold and drag!
  • Trim.
  • Rotate, play backwards, change speed.
  • Add texts.
  • Apply music.

Trim gif

Click on the added gif, then use the editor button .

Drag the sliders or type the beginning and end times in the appropriate fields in the editor.

Convert gif to mp4 - open editor Convert gif to mp4 - trim gif

Speed / rotate / backwards.

  1. Hit a gif.
  2. Click open gif editor .
  3. Set speed, rotate or reverse parameters.
  4. Click "Save".
Create a video from gif - parameters Create a video with gis - speed, rotate and reverse

Make background from gif

Make video background with gif

Drag the gif file to the left onto the background layer.

Set, optionally, the Region and the Scale parameters to select a place in the frame for the entire background layer or for the selected file by opening the editor .

3. Apply music

Make a video from gif - add music

Drag music files onto the page or use "upload" button or add music from free music collection.

Make a video from gifs - trim music

The music track can be trimmed automatically to fit the main layer with the "Trim on the main" parameter. Or trim any music file - click on it and then use the button .

Make a video from gis - trim music automatically

It is convenient to use Automatic trimming when you set only the moment of the beginning of the song and not to care yourself to adjust the end.

How to apply music on gif.

4. Create a video from the gif and publish

Make a video from gif

When all operations are completed just click in the editor the button make video from the gif.

Soon the finished video can be published on YouTube and social networks or just download to send a congratulation to a friend, insert into a presentation or use for advertising.