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Is there a funny GIF and you need to add suitable music? video editor - the solution to your problem!

You don’t have to download and install any programs. Everything for free and available without registration.

You will need a modern browser and about 5 minutes to add music and sound effects to the gif

1. Find and add files

It is very simple to find suitable music and various sound effects for gif animation because there are extensive free collections of music and sound effects .

Use the upload button or simply drag files onto the page to add.

iPhones and iPads devices have platform restrictions to add music files:
  1. Find music and sound effects in the free collection on any other device.
  2. Register and add music from this other device with the same username and password.
Find and add gif and audio files

2. Music duration

There are several ways to set the duration of the music:

Trim music - open the cut wizard with the button to reduce the length of each music file.

Trim to main - to trim the music track (as well as the background and text layer) automatically to the main layer with the uploaded gif files.

Stretch - to stretch out all layers to the maximum length, durations of texts and photos will be stretched automatically.

Sound for event

If you want to start the sound at a certain point:

  1. Click on the sound file.
  2. Enable the pin button to hold the position.
  3. Move the sound file to the desired position - in the case of touch screens: press, hold and move.
Music duration

3. GIF duration

You can work with your gif as with any video file - trim, change speed, rotated, play backwards and apply various effects.

Gif duration


To repeat the GIF file, click the "Clone" button as many times as required.

Moment of appearance

Initially, all files are automatically lined up one after the other, according to the given transitions duration. If you want to start the GIF at a certain point in the music:

  • Click on the hold position button tp enable it.
  • Drag the gif to any empty space / time - the gif will be fixed at the selected position.

GIF speed

Use the edit wizard to change the speed of the gifs.

Gif speed

4. Make GIF with music

Of course, it is impossible to save a gif with music in a gif file format, but you can save your gif in a video file with the most suitable format - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, VK and so on.

After completing all the necessary operations, click "Create Video". The finished video will not contain watermarks and will not cause problems with ads - can be downloaded immediately and used for publishing.

Make GIF with music