Add music to gif

Drag your files onto the page to add music to a gif

How to add music to a gif - video lesson

Is there a funny GIF and you need to add suitable music? Online video editor - the solution to your problem ;)

You don’t have to download and install the program. All for free and available without registration. In addition to the gif you will need a modern browser and about 5 minutes.

This short video shows the highlights. See the description below.

Music - DJ Andax - sweep

1. Add files

Add music to a gif - upload files

There are many different ways to add files:

  • Drag and drop files onto the page.
  • Upload button.
  • Free music collection.
You won’t be able to add music files on iPhone and iPad devices due to platform limitations, but:

2. GIF editing

You can trim your gifs, change speed, play backward and apply a variety of effects.

Copy / clone

Put music to a gif - clone gif

To play the gif several times in a row use the "Clone" button .

Crop / vice versa / rotate

Make a gif with music - tim gif

Open the editor with the button . Then move the sliders to select the beginning and end and set the required parameters.

Appearance moment

Crate a gif with music - appearance moment

Initially, all files are automatically lined up one after another, taking into account the parameters of "appearance" and "disappearance". If trumpeted, what would the gif begin at a certain moment:

  • Press the "hold position" button , the button will cease to be translucent.
  • Drag the gif to any place, the gif will hold the selected position.

3. Add music to a gif

Animated gif with music - trim music

Add your own music or use the free collection. If necessary, you can trim the music, specify the moment of appearance, apply various effects.

To select music fragment:

  1. Click on a file.
  2. Press the editor button .
  3. Use sliders or input fields to select start and end position of fragment.

Trim music automatically

Use "trim to main" parameter to automatically trim a music track by general layer.

Sound on a specific moment

If you want to start the sound at a certain point:

  1. Select the music file.
  2. Click "hold position" button .
  3. Drag the music file on a desired position (hold and drag on touch screens).

4. Put text on a gif

Add text to a gif

It is easy to add text. Type the text and set various effects of appearance and graphic transformation.

  1. Type the phrase in the field at the top of the page, then click add .
  2. Click on the added text and select the hold button .
  3. Move the text to the desired moment.
  4. Use the slider at the bottom of the text to set the duration or set the exact value of the "duration" parameter in the editor.

5. Make a gif with music

Make a gif with music

Having done all the necessary operations click "create video". Download the final video or publish it immediately:)