Speed up or Slow down Video

Drop files here or use buttons to speed up or slow down video

How to speed up or slow down video

Movie Maker and Video Editor Online program will help to make a fast motion video for free, without sign up, without downloading and installing software.

You will need a browser and a few minutes to change the "speed" parameter.

The video contains detailed instructions, step-by-step decryption with pictures below.

Free music for video TimTaj - Energetic Dance Party.

1. Add files

Add files

Drop files onto the page or use the upload button for your video and music files. Add fun music from the free collection and text if necessary.

2. Change video speed

Change video speed
  1. Hit the uploaded video.
  2. Open properties editor with button .
  3. Set the "Speed" parameter, where:
Normal speed
< 1
to slow down a video
> 1
to speed up a video

Use this editor to trim video and apply effects.

3. Make fast/slow motion video

Make fast motion video

Click "Make video" in the main editor. In a minute, download the finished video and publish it on YouTube.