Make Video with Photos and Music

Drag and drop your photos and music here to start making videos or use free collections.


In the previous lesson, we learned how to create great video slideshows from photos without registering and downloading programs with the online video editor.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to make a video from a photo with music:

  • How to add your favorite music to the slideshow or find one that’s appropriate in the free music collection.
  • How to trim music and arrange photos according to the necessary points.

For all the actions, we need a browser and just a few minutes.

Add music to gif

1. Add music

Make video with photos add music

To add music from a computer, tablet, phone and Android devices use the upload button as for other files.

How to download songs - it will help if you need files from another page on the Internet.

From Apple iPhone and iPad devices

You won’t be able to add music files from Apple iPhone and iPad with the upload button , due to restrictions imposed by Apple, but you available to add free music or from another device:

  1. Register in the editor.
  2. Sign in with used password on another device.
  3. Add files from the another device.

Vsideo creation on Apple iPhone and iPad.

Free music

Click "Free Music" next to the upload button to search for songs:

Make video with photos and free music

A dialogue will open and you will find a lot of high quality free music. To add just click the plus button to the left of the track you like.

Learn more about music search.

2. Trim and cut music

Make video with photos and music - trim music Make video with photos and music - trim music editor
  1. Wait for the music file to load.
  2. Click on the uploaded file.
  3. Use the editor button .
  4. Move the sliders to select a fragment or enter the exact start and end time in the corresponding fields.
  5. To check the selected fragment, use the play button .
  6. When finished, click "Save" to return to the main editor.

Slicing songs and applying sound effects.

3. Duration of photos

Uploaded photos are automatically stretched along the entire duration of the music, but each photo cannot have a duration shorter than parameter "minimum duration".

Make video with photos and music - adjust music

Turn on "crop to the main to stop stretching and show photos with minimum duration.

Make video with photos and music - photo duration Make video with photos and music - photo duration editor

To set a specific duration:

  • Move the slider near the bottom of the photo or text.
  • Set the exact value of the "duration" parameter in the editor.

To return to automatic duration set the duration parameter to the default value in the editor .

4. Arrange photos by music

By default, all photos are arranged one after another, position and duration is calculated automatically.

To set a specific position:

  1. Click on the photo.
  2. Press the button with a pin .
  3. The button will cease to be translucent - means that the file will be attached to the selected moment.
  4. Drag the photo to the desired location.

In order to find the desired position, use the music and video playback:

  1. Choose a music or video file.
  2. Click play .
  3. When you hear the right moment, click on the pause .
  4. Use the above way to drag photo to the marked position.

Repeat steps until ready. :)

The basics of video editing and how to put a song on a video.

Music for videos - M Productions - The little robot

5. Creation and publication

It took a lot of effort and you did a great job, now it's worth sharing your music photos with a wide audience, yes reap the laurel leaves of success:

Just click the "Make Video" button and you can enjoy your finished video very soon.

Download and publish your video on Youtube and social networks.