Music editing

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1. Selecting music to edit

This editor is designed to work with added songs and music.

On the left side, there is a list of all uploaded audio files, movies, photos or images. Click on the needed file in order to get into the appropriate editor.

Upload audio files or use the royalty free music collection.

To return to the home page of the video editor, use the home button.

Green outlining - shows that the property uses one from the default values.

Blue outlining - Blue outlining shows that this property has its own set value.

If you need to roll back the property to the default value, click on it, and select Use Default at the bottom of the showed dialog.

3. Effects

Increase - - the number of seconds from the beginning when the volume gradually increases.

Attenuation - the number of seconds till the end when the volume gradually fades.

Volume - the level of sound intensity :)

It is not necessary to set the maximum volume, in many cases, this will result in undesirable audible artifacts, if the overall sound level seems insufficient, try to check your speakers first :)

Speed - the playback speed is faster or slower.

Reverse - the music will play in reverse order.

4. Cutting, trimming

It is convenient if you need to cut the music and use only particular slice.

In order to select the segment, you may drag the appropriate sliders on the sound waveform or set the exact value of the beginning and end of the slice.

To check your slice, press the Play button.

For closing and returning to the main, there is the Movie maker home button.