How to put a logo in the online movie maker

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Winnie had already published so many of his video clips that now he began to consider the advertising and branding opportunities.

Having snacked on some honey, Winnie sat down and came up with the name “Winnie's Studio.” Nothing better occurred to the sawdust-headed teddy bear.

Winnie liked the idea and drew a picture of the logo. He felt too lazy to try to understand even the simplest things about what to do next. So, Winnie went to visit Christopher Robin, the Master of the Online Movie Maker in the fairytale forest.

“Hi, Christopher! How to put a logo on video in the online movie maker?”
“Hello there, Winnie! You're here again with your bag of laziness, asking me simple questions, aren't you?” Christopher smiled. “It's really easy to do!”

Adding a logo

So, you have uploaded a file to the online movie maker. Next, you need to:

  1. Put the image of your logo.
  2. Drag your video to the left, to the video background line.
  3. Drag the logo to the end of the main video sequence; the logo will be displayed at the very end, over the main video.
  4. Click on the logo, then on the Edit button .
  5. In the editor, set the duration at 10 seconds. This will be your logo's on-screen time.
  6. Adjust the logo's opacity.
  7. Adjust the logo's position on the screen..

You can also set up which direction the logo comes from and goes to, how it appears and disappears; you can apply various effects and make use of many other options.

That's it! Now click the Back button and return to the editor. After you click on the Create Video button, you'll get a clip featuring your logo, just like in all the cool movies and video making apps.

Video Tutorial

Winnie! Here is a video tutorial in case you forget everything again! :)