How to increase volume in the online movie maker

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Trying to climb the mountain of YouTube popularity, Winnie decided to invite Piglet as a guest in his show.

However, after they recorded several videos, an issue became obvious. As much as Piglet was a great friend, as weak was his voice in the recorded clips. So, Christopher put on his expert hat again and helped his friends out:

“Chris, I'm experimenting with Piglet for YouTube. Piglet's voice is very weak in the recorded videos, how to increase the volume in the online movie maker?”
“It's much easier than for you to stay away from honey, my teddy bear. I'll explain everything to you in steps.”

Increasing/decreasing the volume

So, you have uploaded a video or audio file.

  1. Select the desired file.
  2. First click on the file, then on the Edit button .
  3. In the editor, click on the volume.
    100% is the original volume.
    A value of less than 100% makes it quieter; more than 100% makes it louder.

Now, you can return to the main editor, and the final video clip will have the volume you've just set.

Video Tutorial

By the way, not long ago I made this video tutorial on changing the volume in the online movie maker, intending to post in it my blog. Here, have a look, in case something is still not clear.