Photo editing

Drop videos, photos, music or GIF files here to upload

Selecting a photo for editing

This photo editor will help you to adjust the position in the frame, add a variety of effects and make animated transitions.

In the list of all uploaded photos, movies, music and texts, select the desired file (all followed in order of appearance) - to the page editor.

Add the files on the main page of the video editor or from the free stock photos collection

To go back to the creation, press the Video editor home button.

Show All - usually, there are a few elements (photos, text, movies) in each frame of the final movie, this toggle will help you to see the current image opened in this editor.

Low quality – in the preview mode, depending on the connection speed, the low quality can be used, but do not worry, the original quality will be used in the final movie.

Green Green – indicates that currently the default value is selected.

Blue - indicates that the property currently has the set value.

If you need to roll back the property to the default value, click on it, and select Use Default at the bottom of the showed dialog.

3. Transition animation

All images have fade-in and fade-out animations as well as the direction of movement.


From – specifies from which area outside the frame the image will arrive to the frame’s area selected for its demonstration, to disable this function, press the button in the selection dialog.

Scale - the image’s size in the very beginning, in the process the size will change to the selected one.

Duration - for how many seconds the fade-In lasts.

Animation - the style of effect. To turn off, select .


To, scale and duration are similar to properties of fade-in.

4. Style and properties

Region – which part of the frame is occupied by the image.

Scale – how the image fits into the selected region.

Filters – change the style and apply the animation, it will help to make the old movie, make the frame B&W and apply other interesting effects and animation.

Rotate - to reflect or rotate the image.

Duration in seconds.