Cut and Trim Video

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So, the video cutting is carried out with quite uncomplicated actions with the application of technologies and devices that are available in every home. You will need:

  • Coffee or tea, you can add the lemon, but forget about sugar, and a comfortable armchair.
  • The movie that we want to cut.
  • Our wonderful video editor.

Here goes!

1. Preparation

The preparation for cutting is so simple:

  1. Boil the kettle.
  2. Open the jar with your favorite coffee or tea and fill the cup with the favorite source of inspiration to the desired proportions.
  3. Pour hot water of desired temperature.
  4. Add a slice of lemon, prepare some sweets.
  5. Sit down in the comfortable armchair, settle back, relax (there is no reason for us to strain ourselves) and get started!

On the movie maker page, upload a file for cutting.

You can find the detailed instructions about adding files as well as ways to download any media clips from the Internet as an amusing way to learn the basics.

2. Cut video

In the main area of movie editor, hover the mouse on the added file, or just click on its image, press the Edit button among appeared buttons in order to go to the editor. Or click on the file’s image twice.

In addition to the various effects, there is a diagram of the audio track and viewing area - that’s exactly what will help us right now.

Select the desired segment by dragging the sliders or use the input fields for beginning and end of the segment, for the precise selection of the segment.

Click on the play button to view the selected segment completely or use play buttons only for the beginning or end.

3. Trim video

Here are things that will help you to trim your clip across the width and length, besides the prepared sweets in the first step:

Region - it will specify in which part of the frame the trimmed clip is located.

Scale - how the clip fits in a given region, whether the edges are cut or fit completely.

4. The epic final or an application for trimming videos

To download the ready clip, press Create, and after some time, while following the recommendations and tips, download or publish it after the process is complete.

With our service the trimming and cutting got simple more than ever, and you don’t need any video editing software to crop!