Mobile Video Editor?

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For mobile is a video editor service that allows you to make videos online without registering, downloading and installing programs on any modern Apple, Android, Windows and mobile phone other less known.

Any modern browser is the only one requirement for online video editing.


This is a short lesson with a demo video about how to make a video or a slideshow on your phone:

1. Open the Video Editor

Open the MovieMakerOnline video editor in any browser on your phone.

2. Add files

At the top of the opened page click the "Add" button.

Choose files for your clip - videos, photos, music.

Apple does not allow free access to music files, in this case you can add happy music from the free collection.

3. Edit

All added files will appear in the video editor. Files can perform many different actions with this files. Drag and drop, trim a video, add effects - see our help for more details.

4. Make

When you finish your video editing click the large "Create Video" button.

When the creation process is completed you can check your video and shared with friends and fans.