Mp3 Video Editor?

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Video to mp3

If you have a video and you want to save the audio track from this video as a separate mp3 file:

  • Add your video.
  • Drag the added video to the left side of the editor, onto the audio track.
  • Click "make a video" button, then download the created mp3 file.
The Video Editor use only the audio track from the video file and ignore video frames if the video on the audio line of the video editor

Edit mp3

To edit an mp3 file, select and trim an mp3 fragment, set the volume level, music effects:

  1. Add an Mp3
  2. Click on the added mp3 file.
  3. Click the editor button.

Mp3 volume

  1. Click on the added mp3 or any other file with a sound track.
  2. Click on the editor button .
  3. In the opened editor set desired level for volume parameter.