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If you've already made your video, then you have come to the address, if not, then read how to make a video with music. And when it will be created, come here quick :)

You had a lot of work and finally all done. Now, how to download it? Perhaps download the video will be much easier than creating. Couple of clicks and downloading will done :)

How to download movie? On the result page, you'll see a button with direct link to download your clips. It is on the right side, with the appropriate signature. To download please click on the link with right mouse button and in appeared context menu, select the item (the actual name is strongly depend on the version of the browser) "Save Link As" (Save target as, Save file as or similar). In the standard dialog window to save the file, you can select a place to save and file name. The saved file can be viewed on your computer or published to YouTube, uploaded to a social network or any other social service.

In some cases, if you just click on the download link will open in a new browser tab or will start playing in a separate player. It depends on the settings of your browser and used plugins, so to save you will have to use the context menu of right mouse button click.

Direct link

Besides being able to download, you will see a "direct link" - you may send that link to friends of you in Skype, post link to a social network or publish on your website, users will have access to your masterpiece. Users be able to evaluate your movie and leave comments. Distribute it because if your clip will not go to other sites and users will not be interested, clip will be deleted automatically after a certain time, as unused. Link itself will be constant and unchanged in future.

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