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How to make home video, if you do not have time and desire to learn complicated software? Take a minute, use our application for video editing that works online! The main problem of video editing software is that it is extremely difficult for a person, who had no previous dealings with the editing table, to understand it. And when it is given just one day or two for creating videos, online editors will come to the aid that help to implement processing with photos, effects, music and subtitles adding!

Our online service is the progressive application, surpassing the most programs of the average level that should be downloaded to your computer.

If you still want to take advantage of off-line programs, you can learn how to download the most widespread movie maker and how to use this wonderful movie maker.

The user is forced to spend time more than necessary, first download video editing software, extract the archive, check for viruses (in most cases they are found and you have to look for a new program), start it and if there were no problems in previous steps, start to get acquainted with editing table interface.

Those who had to deal with creating videos at the professional level know that even if all mounting tables are created by a single scheme, even a person knowing all the process subtleties needs time to get accustomed to the interface, learn a program. Therefore: searching, downloading, carrying out all above steps - not an option for those looking for a helper for fast, high-quality clips mounting; who wish to have an access to resource in the future, where you can without any hassle perform processing of music, clips, photos, create movie files of different genres. Now you have, and it knows how to make!

How to make with movie maker online?

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Our service works not just for photos and clips, it is completely universal. Do you want to create a music clip or greeting to a friend - choose funny, joyful music and upload it to (source format does not matter). Do you plan to create a romantic collage with pictures of a loved one? No problem, because you can upload photos of any format: mobile phone, GoPro, photo cameras. And the editor gives users the ability to insert drawings in clips created directly in the process of working on movie or saved on a personal computer.

You may load movie files in the editor from your computer and social networks. To use content from profiles, register on the website through Facebook, Facebook, My World, LJ. Looking ahead, we say that you can also withdraw a finished clip to a computer, social network, or immediately publish to the YouTube.

Photo editor

Let's start with photos – they may be pasted and glued using moviemakeronline for getting a clip or for imposing on an existing movie series. Uploading an image in the photo editor (or several at one time) from a computer or social network – click on a picture 2 times by a mouse to open the photo editor. Photo edit includes: effects, duration, background, area, and scale.

The method of photography advent in movie: down, up, through darkening, or conversely, lightening. Choose the best option for a harmonious clip series.
Effect duration
How quickly a picture will appear in the clip. It depends on pace.
Color chosen for the shot display area during photo edit can be available with different shade palette. Keep the background in harmony with the shot palette.
In which one area a picture will be located: on the left or right corner, above or below. The user can adjust the shot position "by eye".
How much a picture will cover a clip: half or, for example, ⅛.
Do not forget: all made changes in the editor you need to save then just close the editor. Although, if you just click on the background around the editor it will be closed and changes will be saved. Next to a scale, where you have to upload photos, there is a scale of preview. It is possible to evaluate the compatibility of shots, select scale and duration of display. Picture processing is performed entirely in real time.

Music editing

Having finished with images, let’s impose music. Choose a track (from a social network or your device), wait until download is complete (it takes less than a minute) and will appear on a separate track. To open the music edit panel click twice on a song track and commence the installation. Such options are available for processing:

  • Adjusting track volume.
  • Cutting the desired for user segment.
  • Using effects of attenuation /increasing.
  • Monitoring the selected track duration (useful for creating commercial and promotional movies, which are calculated per second). If a fragment is cut off, please select the "listening" - listen to it, and then process a record.

Video processing

Movie files are loaded by upload button. There is a function of scale changing, you can, for example, increase an image in order to pay attention to details; adjust the location, transition from shot to shot. All saved changes by user immediately appear in the third scale. If you do not like the shot sequence you can easily swap them for a second scale and immediately evaluate your result.

How to make subtitles and greeting messages

At the article beginning we mentioned the possibility to insert drawings and inscriptions, now let's talk about the subtitle editor in details. Below the scale, editing tools are located to create inscriptions. has the opportunity to choose a favorite font, size, and adjust the optimal stroke size, if you decide to use it; and application of the appearance or disappearance effect, and setting the effect duration. Some options will help you to configure the subtitle location. For example, a birthday greeting will harmoniously look in the middle of a final shot, and commercial offer with a phone number will be an excellent shot complement, if you place them in the right corner.

With online movie editor users do not have to wrestle with the question: how to? Download, edit, and then click to create a clip, you will be redirected to a page, where you can see the process of movie creating, and then when it will be ready, online editor, as a new generation tool, will send high-quality clip to the network. It can be uploaded on YouTube, presented to a dear person, or used for commercial purposes.