Slideshow maker: add vk photos, music and images

Add Vkontakte photos to make slideshow or just drag file here

Is it the time to please your friends with your musical mood from the trip you took or photos from VK?

Do you want to make home-made slideshow congratulations with photos and favorite music in VK?

Use our slideshow maker, upload the necessary photos and music quickly and easily in order to create the high-quality and colorful congratulatory slideshow clip.

Adding photos

  1. My Photos button will take you to the VKontakte website, you need to confirm all the right and give the access permission, that will open the list of your photo albums. Clicking on the album’s image will show all the photos contained within the album.
  2. To add the photo to the slideshow, click on its picture.
  3. After choosing all photos, add some music or go back to the video editor.
Beautiful landscape

Be sure to use the free photo stock to add colorful landscapes and beautiful images as the background.

Add some beautiful pictures and photos as your background

Make a slideshow

To create the attractive and interesting slideshow with photos and music, you only need to enliven it with different visual effect and transition animation.

How to create the colorful and eye-catching slideshows with photos and music

Publication to youtube, vk, facebook

Publication to Youtube, Facebook, Vk

Publish the slideshow in the VK, Youtube or any other social network, send it by the letter, or record the congratulations on the DVD

The slideshow publication