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When an urgent need to make a video appears, for example, after your holidays or wedding, people often go to the professionals. It costs much. But you can avoid overpaying and spent some time on learning one of the graphic editors. Windows Movie Maker is able to create a movie for you, but movie’s good quality means work with pictures, music files, so you will also have to install some other utilities.

What software will help you to create a home movie?

The main program you will deal with a lot is Windows Movie Maker. This editor is the simplest to cope with, especially in case you are a beginner.

In the previous article have discussed where you can get an installation file and how to download and install Movie Maker properly, so now we will not spend time discussing it once again.

But for the simplicity of the software you will need help of some other programmes. For creating collage online you'll need to combine several images. Any free editor, such as, will be good. Video editing will be unbalanced without working with music files, so your PC has to have 2 more utilities - Audacity and Mobile Media Converter. For playing clips of some formats you'll have to have codecs. Before you start installing K-Lite Codec Pack (or any other pack of the same kind).

How to make clips and what is the process like?

Even if you deal with home movies that will never be for the commercial use, nevertheless you should make up a simple plan of your future content. We don’t recommend you to improvise, moreover it is rather hard. So, it's better to work in order. The structure itself does not have to be original and unique – there are a huge amount of models which are qiute worked out and successful, you should just look through them in the Internet.

Any Movie Maker collects or creates the materials first, it will edit them later. Everything depends on personal tastes and the initial plan – you can find ready files or shoot yourself. At the very end you'll work with your materials according to basic criteria nevertheless. Collage online is made of several images – the picture itself and its background at least.

The main picture should be cut to 4:3 format. To do this choose Rectangle Select tool working with Paint.Net, set the proportions needed, then do cutting. Paint Bucket tool and Gradient tool will let your background to look lthe way you want them to look, you can also easily add an unusual effect. Creating home movies is pleasant, because nobody limits the author’s will, you can experiment quitea lot. You work finishes with the combining pictures.

Our movie maker requires no initial cutting of your files, you should just upload your files to our online video editor and choose the way you media should look – then the soft’s AI will do everything itself :)

The main picture is cut using Rectangle Select tool, its borders are directed by a mouse. Then you should copy your image to the clipboard, open your background and paste it. How to make video with subtitles? Movie Maker is able do it!

Now Windows Movie Maker will take the issue of how to make video to its hands. The materials you had found or had shot are now imported into the programme. Movie Tasks panel will be directing your movie. All your files will be in the Collections field. From this field you drag your collage online, clips and all the other materials to the timeline where you also can change their order. As for the storyboard you should not worry at all - the soft will do everything itself.

While making clips you'll need to add texts to them. It is super important for your work to coordinate the slides view and titles view in order your clip not to be nonsynchronous. Before you make your movie it is highly recommended to do a short testing clip for learning making titles properly. The timeline in Movie Maker creates the text marks with the information on duration of a title and duration of a picture or a segment. A Movie Maker fan should can calculate the duration of the title for the audience not to miss the sense.

You must know these important facts about the Movie Maker titles:

  1. Your home movie is creating in the standard 640*480 resolution, so you will not have a chance of adding too much text information in one frame. But you create a series of titles on one frame (there is no need to use several frames).
  2. The maximum lengths of the subtitle in Movie Maker is 128 symbols, and the maximum lengths of the basic text is 96 symbols.
  3. The user also can do animated titles, change title size and title script.
You can add subtitles of more length in our video editor online :)

Working with frames and music track

You can add an effect or make a special transition between frames too. Use Effects and Transitions panels. Movie Maker lets you view the effect during the process of choosing in a ‘real time’ way, without saving an effect. For adding music file to the clip it has to be of proper format (WMA in the best option) and proper duration. Before making your video you should convert your initial audiо track with the help of Mobile Media Converter. After this you can easily can make the duration of your music file longer or shorter in Audacity. The interface is rather easy - just adding, deleting or mixing parts of your music file. The ready music is added to Movie Maker with the help of Add Music button in the Movie Tasks panel. Now you can preview the ready project. If you like it you should just save the movie file.

Our video editor online doesn’t require adjusting and cutting of music files in any programmes, you can do everything online just clicking-and-dragging and setting beginning time and end time. Learn about music editing :)

The lyrical ending about Movie Maker

Video editing using Windows Movie Maker needs installing extra software, moreover, before you will learn how to make video you should learn much about the peculiarities of the programmes, find websites to download them, etc. You can spend much time on it. It is much more comfortable for you to use our clip maker. It is the valuable multimedia machine which lets you not only doing collage online, but also editing music files without downloading any additional programmes. It is very useful. The whole process of creating videos is done by our movie maker, so you do not have to own a super powerful PC. The movie you get can be shared in social network – and it is another advantage.

As an additional advice and bonus you can learn how to create it much more beautiful and interesting :)