How to add symbols in the movie maker

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Preparing to celebrate Baby Roo's birthday, the inhabitants of the fairytale forest made a congratulations video for him. They wanted to add hearts, smileys and other symbols of sincere and warm forest love to the titles and captions.

“Christopher, how to add symbols in the movie maker?” the animals asked. “How to add hearts to the titles and captions?”
“It's pretty simple: just up and add them! For example, if you want to add a heart at the beginning and end of the congratulatory message, take the following steps:

  1. Open Google and search for “heart symbol Unicode”. The search engine will display the text heart symbols right below the search field. If it fails to do so, open one of the first search results and look for the text heart there.
  2. Select the heart symbol as text and copy it to the clipboard.
  3. Write a congratulatory phrase in the caption field and paste the heart from the clipboard wherever necessary. Click on the Add Text button.

That's it, you have added the caption. If something goes wrong, you can always click on the Editor button and fix things! :)”

Not every font supports all special characters. You might get an unwanted surprise instead of the desired symbol: an empty space, an incomprehensible character, a question mark or a square. Just try a different font or symbol. :)