Music effects?

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Do you want to change the volume, increase or smoothly damp the music, add distortion (distortion) or visualize the music?

Use the free music video editor online without registrations and downloads!

How to add and edit music in a music video editor.


You can set common parameters for the whole music track.

To set personal parameters for each song:

  1. Click on the file
  2. Open the editor with button .


Crossfade - how long one song will flow into another if the music is used in automatic mode.

- click on the song and then click on this button to hold start position of the music file in the video. Now you can drag the music to set the exact position.

Fade in and Fade out

Fade in and Fade out - how long the volume will gradually increase at the beginning of each music file and how much to fade at the end.

The fade in and fade out effects can be set separately for each file by selecting the file and opening the music editor with the editor button .


The volume is used automatically for uploaded files, but you can set it for each file that has a soundtrack, for a song of video:

  1. Click on the music file.
  2. Open the music editor with button .
  3. Change "volume" parameter.

Filters: bass, distortion, echo

You can apply sound distorting filters to the audio track or to a separate file.

Play with the parameters to achieve desired result when choosing an overlay filter you will hear the changes immediately :)


In addition to effects that distort sound you can add music effects to change visual frames:


Your background, main video sequence, text or video will fully swing, grow and move depending on the music:

  1. Click the "Effects" option for background, main footage, text, full movie or for each file in the editor with the button.
  2. In the dialog that opens, choose the "Dance" filter.


Music video editor will impose a sound pattern of the waves of your music, according to the selected parameters and the desired color.

To add, follow the same steps as with the "Dance" filter, but replace "Dance" with the "Wave" filter.


Filters the colors of each frame according to frequency and setpoints, based on the analysis of the added music.

To overlay all the steps of the "Dance" filter, but replace "dance" with the "glow" filter at the end.

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