How to add a sound?

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The Video editor sound track

In the leftmost part of the editing area is the sound track.

Files containing only sound (not containing a video sequence), songs, music, sounds, of any format mp3, aac, wav and others get to the sound track.

If file is a video, then it will fall on the main or background video sequence.

If the file contains an sound track, then you will see a vertical wavy sound diagram (for example, the picture on the right).

  • The order is from top to bottom, not from left to right.
  • The sound above is played before the sound below.


- click on the sound file, then on this button to open the sound editor.

In the editor you can trim, changevolume, add effects, fade in, and fade out.

There is parameters under the soundtrack.


If you enable this option, the video editor will automatically trim the sound track on the video sequence.

Your video will end on the last frame, and the audio track, even if it is longer than the video sequence, will be trimmed.


If there are several files on the audio track, they are joining together using the “Crossfade” option - meaning how many seconds one file will go to another file.

Fade in / Fade out

Each sound can have the effect of increasing and decreasing the volume at the beginning and the end with the corresponding parameters.

The duration of the fade in and fade out is indicated by the color on the left side of each file - fade in is and fade out is .

How to apply a sound?

Demonstration of the entire sequence of actions to apply a sound on a video. Step by step instruction below.

As an example, take a video from vacation and impose a "Beep" on an interesting point.

1. Add a video

Add your video with the upload button.

2. Add a sound

Have your own sound? Add it with the same button.

We have no sound, so we will find the sound in the free collection.

  1. On the main page click "Free music".
  2. On the opened page at the search field type "short beep" and press "Enter."
  3. Click the play button to select the record you like.
  4. At the record you like, click the plus sign "+" to add to the editor.

3. Trim a sound

For applying we need only a fragment, so we trim the record:

  1. Click on the added sound to see a few buttons.
  2. Press on the editor button .
  3. Move the sliders on the sound diagram to select the desired fragment in the opened editor,
  4. Check the fragment with the "play" button .
  5. Back to the main editor.

4. Apply

  1. Click on the file with the selected fragment.
  2. Press the "hold position" button . After dragging and dropping, the file will remain in the specified position.

Ориентируясь на звуковую диаграмму видеофайла и картинки предварительного просмотра справа, перетащим звук на желаемую позицию.

To check the combination of video and sound - double-click on the preview image in the rightmost part.

Preview images can be dragged to select the right moment.

5. Create

When the sound is applied, click the large Create Video button, immediately below the video editor options.

We’ll see the finished video and send it to your friends on YouTube! :)