Video Editor with text effects?

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How to add text, set the appearance time and duration you can read in the other lesson.


Effects of appearance and disappearance can be set at common effects for all texts and titles or per each title and text separately.


Set in the text track settings:

The selected values will be applied to all texts if each does not have personal values.


To set parameters for each title and text that prevail over common ones:

  1. Click on the text to see controls.
  2. Click on the editor button .
  3. In the opened editor set desired properties with same names as in "Common".


In addition to the effects of appearing, you can set an effects for changing of appearance, such as sepia, blur, and others:

  1. In the text track settings click on filters.
  2. In the opened dialog add the necessary effects and set the parameters, you can see the result here.

Effects can be installed, both general and personal, to install personal filters:

  1. Click on a text to open control.
  2. Click "open the editor" button .
  3. In the dialog add effects to this text only.