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How to download Microsoft Windows Movie Maker for free?

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Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker is one of famous for home use. Which let you capture video from camcorder, add subtitles, apply effects, add music and other typical actions for making video at home.

This free program produced by Microsoft since 2000. In earlier version of Microsoft Windows movie maker was available by default installation, but now you should install it manually. Installation isn't hard. And all what you need go to Microsoft Movie Maker page and download it absolutely free. Go to Movie Maker download page and download it according your Windows version.

movie maker is free If you aren't sure what windows version do you use check it here. Please, be attentive, if you download wrong version movie maker won't be installed on your system.

Remember!!!: generally you should have latest service pack installed on your Windows operation system, because if your Windows doesn't have necessary requirements Movie Maker won't be installed. You should download latest service pack for your windows version on Microsoft Service Pack Center page. Just select your Windows version ang click download button, if service pack available for your operation system. Sometimes service pack isn't published yet. Don't worry about it and go to movie maker download page.

We strongly recommend you do not download Windows Movie Maker from unofficial site, because it can contains malformed parts, viruses and you spend your time with your damaged system instead of creating new own movie.

After downloading installation process very easy. In common way you should double click on downloaded distribution. When installation started to get next step click next button or cancel button to interrupt installation. Then, agree with license agreement (or movie maker won't be installed). Choose destination directory and than click install button. After few time when you see typical blue installation line movie maker installation will be completed and you may start making video.

Good luck! :)

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