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So why Movie Maker?

If it happened that way that you want to know how to make video but can not use online video maker and you want to try offline program, then you have look it up on the internet in order to find a good clip maker. But searching for a qualified program you would definitely want to find the greatest software, and it will help you to create and develop the best clips, add to them some original effects, edit music, create interesting presentations and experiment with different formats, etc. Looking for such program you will definitely find one of the popular - Windows Movie Maker.

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This program is basically one of the most well-known products nowadays. It has plenty of advantages, and the best one is - everyone who uses it can feel like a real operator who works in a decent film studio. There is even no need to learn difficult terms or remember combinations. This program is just so plain and easy to use and even a child can do it. But besides its simple usage a modern version can even be connected with online services. Everyone will like this peculiarity especially those who like to share their photos through social networks. They will be able to edit them directly without boring downloading and then instantly clips will appear on Youtube.

So, Movie Maker offers you at your home such advantages as:

  • simple interface;
  • an ability to create professional clips and photo presentations (slide shows);
  • capturing clips from digital and analog cameras;
  • rich variety of editing functions;
  • the Library of music effects, conversions, screen savers, opening and closing credits etc.
  • cloud storage
  • Flexible settings of film quality;
  • a great variety of formats.

Those who have this useful program they know how to create video of a great quality. But you should that there is a number of insignificant nuances. Earlier this program was party of ОС Windows and users all over the world loved it due to its simplicity, all the advantages and its usefulness. But now unfortunately Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not include this program so the next step will be to look for solution - where to find and to download video maker.

In search of your own film studio

Every valuable program has one flaw. Everyone loves it, and especially those who have questionable web-sites. And because of that those who are trying to find and download video editing software they usually face some challenges. At first they are making user to wait for sometime while archive is downloading and than turns out that you have to sent a message or to download a lot useless tools with Movie Maker. In order for you to avoid all those confusions it will be better to go right to the official website of Microsoft.

Downloading your film studio

The developers usually offers you to download video maker in two versions. The latest version is a part of Windows Essentials. This version of Movie Maker has several additional functions that were unavailable earlier:

  • integration with YouTube and Vimeo;
  • answers for questions like «how to create a video in mkv, dvd, hdtv and other similar formats.
  • rich variety of basic effects and animations
  • updated interface.

On the site Movie Maker is designated as a film studio. For those who want to know how to make video from home it will be better to install windows movie maker with web-installer. And those who got used to a classic interface of a program there is a full-installer. So after you have loaded this application you can install it on your computer without internet access.

How to download and install updated Movie Maker?

  1. You should follow the link of downloading Movie Maker.
  2. Do not push the button Download now instantly, at first you have to mark an option: Other download options.
  3. Choose proper installer for your operating system.
  4. Load the program and run the installer.
  5. look through the list of main components and choose those you prefer
Download windows movie maker - step 1 Download windows movie maker - step 2

How to download and install a standard Movie Maker?

The process of downloading and installing this version of Movie Maker is not really different from the one that is implied during the downloading of Essential-version. But in case if a user I used to create his videos at home with old interface he will definitely find a standard version much more appealing. You can choose this version when you are selecting options in the list of components. If you want to install only this application you should choose the option: Photo album and film studio and then follow all further instructions of the installer.

For a standard version there a very simple way to download - find Windows Movie Maker 2.6 application on the developer’s website. Here they offer you to download the English installer program without the possibility of installing the main components of the OS. If you want to load you have to pick a preferable language of the application and push the button, and then to choose «En» file.

It look like this: MM26_EN.msi. All necessary information is in the drop-down lists: Details, system requirements and installation instructions. After you download video maker, you need to start a program.

How to install Movie Maker 2.6?

Click two times on the file-installer and the installation wizard of program will appear. It will make comments on your every step. If you are attentive it will not take much time. Usually it takes less then 1 minute. At the end user will get the same version of the program he got used to. What can be better then a creation of your own film studio!

Now you know how to make job without any trouble using this useful program. But this powerful program for creating a multimedia content on your home computer was not around forever. When developers were only thinking about the way for amateurs to make a clip there were only couple of worthy and qualified programs. Windows movie maker – was the final variant of a program for amateurs that everyone liked; besides you can download video editing software for free. This tendency was from the first time of the creation of Movie Maker.

So use it well! Create all kinds of unforgettable clips, record and edit family memories, create home archives, slide-shows from photos and share it with all your friends whenever you want. And when they will want to try it themselves do not forget to recommend them to download video maker because it is well-known as the greatest in the entire world.

And in the next article you will find out how to make videos in Microsoft Movie Maker.