How to edit music in the online movie maker

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Questions to Christopher gathered like a snowball. Everyone wanted their videos to get millions of views on YouTube. And does a video clip without music deserve popularity? Not really, you're right.

So, one day, Tigger, who was the most impatient forest inhabitant and part-time DJ at local parties, started whining and complaining right in the middle of one of Christopher's scheduled lessons. Jumping in place, Tigger said with passion that the music track is what makes a video successful. After a particularly big leap, Tigger folded his hands on his chest and put on the most pitiful face he had learned from Piglet. He asked his dear friend Christopher to digress from the subject and answer the question: How to edit a music in the online movie maker?

Christopher was terribly pedantic, but he did not want to upset the animals either. So, instead of going on with the lecture, he played one of his tutorial videos on the large forest screen.


First of all, you need to upload the music. In short, you can add a music file via the Upload button or from the free music collection.

Once the music file is uploaded, it appears in the leftmost part, which is the music track line.

Drag-and-drop any video onto the music track field to use only its music part. As if it's not a video, but an ordinary music file.

If you have uploaded the files in the wrong order or simply decided to change it, drag-and-drop the files around to create the desired order.

General parameters

For all added music, there are several general parameters that help to optimize your work. Each of these parameters applies to the entire video sequence and each individual video:

Fit to video
If the total duration of the music track is longer than that of the video sequence, the music will be automatically cropped to fit the video.
This parameter sets the duration of the transition from one song to another. When you add several music files and their position is calculated automatically, i.e. there is no icon in the upper left corner.
Fade in
A smooth increase in volume at the beginning of each music track.
Fade out
A smooth decrease in volume at the end of each music track.
Various music filters, such as Echo or Delay.


After you click on the music file, you will see several buttons. Right now, the Edit button is what we are looking for. Click it and go to the music editor.

In the editor, you can set various parameters that will apply only to the selected file. You can change its volume, trim videos and music, add various filters, and much more.

While the animals watched the video tutorial on how to edit a music in the online movie maker, Christopher fell asleep happily. While he was sleeping, his friends managed to have a sneaky peek at the video tutorials Christopher had prepared for the upcoming lessons: