Windows video editor?

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The disadvantages of downloading a video editor for Microsoft Windows are obvious:

Search and download only from verified sources.
The need to register, and often purchase a license, with subsequent authentication.
Speed ‚Äč
Personal computer, iPhone and Android is weak for full fast editing and video processing if compare with cloud.
On the computer, especially the phone, the original project data may be lost with the device.
To get new features, you need to update the program regularly.


To solve these problems we created the free video editor online that works in all modern browsers for Microsoft Windows - Internet Explorer, Chrome Firefox Opera and many others.

HTTPS connection to the server allows you to avoid problems with security.
Videos can be created without registration
The cloud speed is significantly much more faster then PC, smartphone, or tablet.
The cloud saves data, even if the device is destroyed. You will get access to the project from the other device if you are registered user.
All the latest features and functions are available in the cloud.


Start using the video editor right now for free without any registrations, downloads and installation of apps.

All basic functions are completely free and accessible from the main page:

This is the demo video with the main features of the free online video editor for Microsoft Windows: