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How to make a music movie for youtube?

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Here we will tell you how to upload a new video on youtube. But before download a video, you must first make it, read about it at the article how to make a video. Read, and then always come back here :)

So, your video is ready. How to upload your video on youtube? Very simply, you need to follow some simple steps:

Register on youtube

To register on youtube and upload created video you need your own email address. If you do not already have it, make it, there are many free email service providers like, and many others. If you already have an address or after you've created it go at, fill registration form and create an email account.

Did you make a video? Upload it on youtube!

How to upload made video on youtube When your account is ready and confirmed, you will be able to upload. Go to youtube and login, after, to the right of the search button is "Upload", click on it and you will make the video upload page. Click, select a file to upload and then click "OK." The file will upload. This may take some time, depending on how much volume you made. While a file is loading, fill information and description.

Make a description

Add the correct description While the file is uploading you will be prompted to enter the title of your video, the video description and tags (keywords). Strongly encourage you to fill out these fields more fully, because it's only one way how other users can find your video.

Fill out the fields so truthful and informative. Just do not specify false, introducing compelling and viral expression, because If users find your video and there will be something quite different from what they expect they will leave you negative feedback, and all your hours of creativity will turn to ashes, will drop in search results.

Not necessarily to click "Save", because youtube automatically saves all changes.

Wait until youtube processed your video

Once your file is loaded, next to its name and the loading bar appears permanent link. Can jump on it. At the beginning it may not show, do not worry, it does not mean you have to do it again, or something went wrong, youtube just need time for preprations.